Since 2014, Townsend Energy Has Eliminated 7,844,581 Pounds Of Carbon From The Environment [1]

Read on to see how we can help reduce your carbon footprint at no added costs!

Since 2014, Townsend Energy has been reducing carbon emissions for our customers by delivering an increasingly eco-friendly renewable heating oil fuel that is a blend of biodiesel and heating oil, creating clean-burning, ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, BioPure™ fuel.

We are committed to delivering a b50 blend by 2030. At that time, our customers will be heating their homes and businesses with a fuel source that is cleaner and more renewable than both natural gas and electricity![2]

Are you considering a switch from oil to gas, propane, or electric?


re-read the paragraph above and then read this:

Switching away from Townsend Energy's BioPure™ fuel solution to convert your home to electric or natural gas would represent an INCREASE in your carbon footprint!

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Cost-Effective & Immediate

"Months of research conducted by Kearney demonstrates that heating oil-biofuel blending provides the most cost-effective and immediate path to reduce fossil energy use and carbon emissions … Our findings show that this strategy is both affordable and easier to implement than electrification for home heating in the Northeast."

Neal Walters
Partner, Kearney

Little Impact To Consumer

"The transition to higher blends of biodiesel can occur with low costs and little impact on the consumer."

Sustainable Energy Technology Dept.
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Biofuels Are Critical For Climate Agenda

Michael Regan, President Biden's nominee to lead the EPA, said, "[President Biden] has not been shy in indicating that biofuels, especially advanced biofuels, will be critical to help meet his ambitious climate agenda. I agree with that. Advanced biofuels will be very important."

Townsend Energy BioPure™, Biodiesel & Renewable Energy Articles

image depicting carbon footprint calculator

Instant Carbon Footprint Calculator, Measure Your Impact On The Environment

To determine how your actions impact the environment, you should first measure your carbon footprint. This way, with the information you gain, you can make decisions that are more environmentally friendly. For example, Townsend Energy can help you move toward a carbon-neutral heating solution with the use of our BioPure™ heating oil.

image of soy used for home heating oil

BioPure™ Bioheat®: Clean Energy For Your Home & Business

There are many differing opinions on what would be the best option when it comes to using clean energy for home heating. Unfortunately, not all of the information presented to us is true. To learn more about clean energy in New England and how Townsend Energy can help you reduce your carbon footprint, read on…

image of light bulb depicting green energy

What Is A Green Or Renewable Energy Source?

With regards to your home heating system, using fuel from Townsend Energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. This article discusses how carbon impacts the environment and how BioPure™ heating oil, a green energy source, can easily help you do your part to preserve the environment.

soy into bioheat heating oil

Biodiesel: Paving The Way Of The Future

Many people have become aware of the issues the world faces including climate change and global warming. Although political efforts are being made to slowly move away from the use of traditional fossil fuels to lower overall carbon emissions, you’ll find out why this isn’t necessary as we cover the many benefits that biodiesel provides.

What Is BioPure™ Fuel?

Townsend Energy's BioPure™ heating oil is our proprietary heating oil blend of BioHeat® fuel oil mixed with a blend of heating oil additives that enhance the performance of this fuel.

This is the next generation of heating oil that offers an extremely equitable solution for all of our customers and reduces the impact on the environment with no added costs!

And, you get to enjoy an environmentally friendly heating solution in our BioPure™ heating oil WITHOUT the need to replace your heating equipment.

At no added costs, you can participate in reducing your carbon footprint with our liquid renewable fuel today!

BioPure Heating Oil Delivery In New England

BioPure™ Heating Oil FAQs

Why BioPure™ Fuel Is Here To Stay

home heating oil delivery
  • Our BioPure™ fuel is made from BioHeat® fuel and additives. The widespread use of Bioheat® fuel in New England can replace millions of gallons of petroleum-based heating oil a year.
  • Liquid renewable fuels help to reduce U.S. reliance on imported oil, making us less vulnerable to supply disruptions overseas.
  • Our BioPure™ heating oil is compatible with any heating system that uses regular fuel oil; no new equipment required!
  • Our BioPure™ heating oil burns cleaner than standard No.2 heating oil because it has much lower sulfur content. This reduces wear and tear on your system. The result: fewer breakdowns, longer equipment life, and better fuel efficiency.