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We know that choosing which energy sources are right to fuel your business can be a daunting task.

That's why Townsend Energy Business Solutions were designed with you in mind.

Once your specific energy needs are identified, Your Townsend Energy Business Solutions Advisors will:

  • Monitor market dynamics to identify and optimize strategic purchase opportunities
  • Source energy proactively in order to buy at every opportune time rather than just periodically
  • Base energy purchases on market conditions and not merely contract expiration

Our Process

Your Energy Advisors will:

  • Review past energy invoices to identify current purchasing options
  • Send out energy load and issue pricing request to various suppliers
  • Acquire competitive, accurate and timely energy bids to enhance customer's bottom line
  • Review responses and make recommendations based on factors like current market conditions and contract length
  • Complete transactional guidance with advice on legal and tax related documentation

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