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Do I Have To Upgrade My Entire HVAC System If It Uses R-22 Refrigerant?

r22 refrigerant replacement

If you are having issues with your old air conditioner, then you have two choices: repair or replace. Repairs are cheaper, faster, and more convenient for relatively new units. However, older systems may be better off retired to make way for a replacement. This aspect is certainly true for air conditioners that are still using the R-22 refrigerant…

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How To Identify If Your Air Conditioner Uses R-22

r22 refrigerant

Is your air conditioning system at risk of being obsolete? R22 refrigerant is illegal after December 31, 2019. If your AC system uses R22 and needs a refrigerant charge this year, the cost will be exorbitant. If you need a coolant charge next year, you will be out of luck! Continue reading to learn more about the R22 phase out and to learn how to determine if your AC equipment runs on R22.

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Does Your AC Use R-22? Here’s What You Should Consider


Central AC systems are typically unsung heroes during hot & humid summer days. However, if your HVAC system breaks down this summer and your system is older than 15 years, you have a huge decision to make – repair vs replace! This is due to the US Government’s mandatory R-22 refrigerant phase-out…

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Why You Should Consider Size For Your Next AC Installation

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When you have reached the point where you need an air conditioner replacement, there are many factors to consider. One important variable is AC size. Not just any size will work for your home. This article explores why AC size makes a huge difference when it concerns your comfort and energy costs…

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Why Your AC's Refrigerant Is More Important Than You May Realize


Refrigerant is vital for your AC to cool your house down. In turn, your home remains comfortable, especially during hot summer days. This article will explore the role of refrigerant in your air conditioner. It will also discuss how this coolant has changed the way we lived…

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Why Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Warm Air

broken air conditioner

During the hot weather, you expect the cold air from your air conditioner to welcome you. However, when you step in, and it’s even warmer inside your home than it is outside, you might want to check your AC. In this article, we discuss some of the primary reasons why an AC blows warm air…

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Is Your Old Air Conditioner Costing You?

AC installation

An old AC unit is susceptible to frequent malfunctioning and repairs. It also results in expensive power bills at the end of each month. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why upgrading to a new air conditioning system saves you money…

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HVAC Tips: Reasons For Air Conditioner Leaks

HVAC technician

Air conditioner leaks are among the most common concerns that our residential customers have. When home cooling system leaks occur, water can form puddles on the ground and cause many other issues. This article discusses the reasons and solutions of HVAC leakage…

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Common Issues That Can Happen When Starting Up Your Air Conditioner

danvers central air conditioning repair services near me

When the outside temperatures begin warming up, it is essential to have a well-functioning air conditioner in your home. Even though your system may have worked well when you last used it, it is not unusual to discover issues when you turn it on for the new season. In this article are some of the most common issues homeowners experience with their AC systems…

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