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Did you know that you could save up to 30% on the fuel you use by investing in a high efficiency furnace or boiler?

Heating and cooling account for more than half of the total energy consumption in a typical home. At Townsend Energy, we do everything we can to educate our homeowners on ways they can conserve energy, from installation of high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, to having an energy audit done in their home, to simple every day tips. We encourage all Townsend Energy customers to call on our team of Conservation Specialists for a free consultation of what they can do to converse more, so they spend less, and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time!

Conservation Specialists

What makes Townsend Energy unique? While other fuel companies may just deliver your oil and ask you for payment, Townsend Energy takes great pride in helping you conserve energy around your home.

Because we're dedicated to helping you use less energy every day, our team of highly trained Conservation Specialists can help you save time and money. With state-of-the-art equipment upgrades and cost-effective preventive maintenance plans, your very own Conservation Specialist is there for you all year long, to offer various ways to cut costs without sacrificing comfort.

Of course, we don't charge for this service - it's just another way we go "above and beyond" to help you enjoy more value for your energy dollars. Call us today and let a Townsend Energy Conservation Specialist help you conserve more today, and in the year to come.

High-Efficiency Equipment

Energy prices can be highly volatile, and the best way to keep your costs manageable is to use high-efficiency equipment that minimizes the home's energy needs. By using less energy, you lower your baseline energy costs while also limiting your exposure to price spikes, when they occur.

Our Conservation Specialists monitor the HVAC equipment market closely, looking for new technologies and systems that combine the performance, reliability and efficiency that Townsend Energy customers expect. We work with world-class manufacturers such as Buderus, Viessmann and Carrier to provide our customers the very best in new high efficient equipment.

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