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Did you know that with Townsend Energy's solar solutions more than 90 % of incoming solar radiation is transfered to heat?

There's probably no better way to go green than with Townsend's NEW eco-friendly solar solutions. Available to residential and commercial customers, our solar solutions use solar panels in conjunction with any existing oil, natural gas, propane, electric and wood pellet systems to produce heat and hot water - and dramatically decrease energy costs!

With Townsend Energy's solar solutions, more than 90 percent of incoming solar radiation is transferred to heat, and the system covers over 75 percent of hot water needs for a family of four, with a corresponding reduction in the use of traditional fuels. In addition, the energy from the sun is free, its supplies are unlimited, and using solar energy produces no air or water pollution. Best of all, your solar installation qualifies for tax credits!

To take advantage of this "bright idea" in energy conservation, and call us today!

Rest assured, without sacrificing comfort, there are many ways to improve your home's energy habits. Let Townsend Energy show you how to save energy today by scheduling an energy audit from Townsend Energy today. One of our energy experts will conduct a top-to-bottom energy assessment of your home, and will identify where and how you can save energy with multiple solution options ranging from quick, on-the-spot solutions, to longer-term ones. It's a small investment, for a payoff that can save you hundreds, or even thousands, in energy costs over time.

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