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At Townsend Energy, we've created our Heating and Cooling Protection Plans with YOU in mind. You will discover the many benefits that come with membership into one of our unique protection plan clubs, from saving you money to preventing equipment breakdowns, to improving the safety in your home, our plans are meant to give you the comfort and security you need knowing that we are here for you. In fact, our Heating and Cooling Protection Plans have been proven to:

  • Help save you money on costly repairs that are a result of unmaintained equipment
  • Reduce the likelihood that your equipment will break down during the coldest of winter days
  • Extend the lifetime of your heating equipment
  • Provide you with the peace of mind knowing that we will be there for you in an emergency to keep your family both comfortable and safe 24 hours a day/7 days a week

Intelli-Pay: It Could Be the Smartest Energy Move You Make This Year!

As an added convenience, you can include any of your Townsend Energy protection plan charges in your monthly Intelli-pay payments. Intelli-Pay is a great way to manage all your energy costs, from fuel to service. Contact Townsend Energy for more details about this valuable program.

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