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Did you know that heating and cooling your home accounts for 45% of your home's energy use?

Townsend Energy sells, installs, and services only the very best heating systems designed to save you money and protect our environment. Below, please find a complete list of the brands we carry, and then call us to schedule your free, in-home consultation and let one of our Comfort Specialists help identify which system is best for you, your family, and your unique needs.


Today's oil-fired boilers are more energy efficient than ever, utilizing new burner technologies and "smart" controls to make more heat with less fuel. New condensing technology uses the heat in the exhaust gases from the boiler to preheat the water as it enters the boiler, recapturing energy that would otherwise be lost, and Townsend Energy is happy to offer you the very best in heating system options. Click on each manufacturer below for more information.


  • Highly reliable
  • Operates at peak performance with a long service life
  • Low emissions are good for our environment
  • Economically and environmentally friendly as the boiler switches off completely when no heat is required
  • Reliable heat transfer and negligible standby heat loss increases overall efficiency
  • Easy installation and start-up


  • Condensing boiler technology offers efficient and environmentally friendly form of heating available
  • Condensing boilers usually pay for themselves in only 2 to 5 years
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Intelligent, easy-to-install solution

System 2000

  • Fully integrated heating system combines both heat and hot water production for unequaled energy efficiency and a virtually unlimited hot water supply
  • Compact Design
  • Rapid recovery on the hot water exchanger
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Low annual fuel consumption
  • Runs on oil or propane, compatible with all heating applications including radiator, baseboard, radiant
  • Above 85% efficiency
  • Energy star rated
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weil Mclain

  • Made in the USA
  • Energy Star rated
  • Solid Cast Iron boiler
  • Boilers tested before put on market
  • Lifetime Warrantee
  • Above 85% efficiency
  • Available for oil or natural gas
  • Noiseless operation


Today's oil furnaces are better than ever, ranging from 81% to 95% efficient. Some of the innovations include low-mass combustion chambers and sophisticated heat exchangers, which together improve heat transfer; solid-state or microprocessor-based controls, which result in more reliable operation; and high-pressure flame retention burners, which deliver clean, efficient comfort. Townsend Energy is proud to offer you the following high efficiency warm-air furnace options:

Thermo Pride

  • Exclusive 13 Gauge steel "Octatherm" Design Heat Exchanger helps retain combustion gases longer for better heat transfer, and the maximum in heating efficiency
  • Copper Coating on the Heat Exchanger resists corrosion from high humidity in the home, for a longer furnace life, protecting your investment
  • Quality High Efficiency Split Phase Belt Drive Blower Motor means reduced energy bills, longer motor life, and therefore, savings
  • Thermopride Flame retention, high–efficiency oil burner achieves its high efficiency through exacting mixtures of fuel and air. It's equipped with an insulating sleeve that helps protect the stainless steel tube and end cone from high temperatures
  • Ceramic Refractory affords better heat conduction to the heat exchanger for greater efficiency. This durable ceramic chamber is designed with a corbel top which helps assure more complete combustion and quietness of operation


  • Reliability
  • Quiet operation
  • High efficiency
  • Longevity
  • Total home comfort

Hot Water Heaters

Oilheat's ability to produce a reliable, inexpensive supply of domestic hot water is one of its strongest features. Oil-fired water heaters have high recovery rates, which means they can heat large amounts of water quickly. Oil


  • Smaller size to fit into tighter spaces
  • Saves energy, and money!
  • Made in the USA
  • Everhot
  • Reliable hot water flow
  • High efficiency


  • Continuous hot water, on demand
  • Saves money
  • Green technology
  • Saves space; wall-mounted
  • Natural Gas or Propane fired
  • Tankless

Bradford White

  • Propane, Natural Gas, or Electric fired
  • Over 95% efficiency

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