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Did you know that there are 130 million homes in America and, according to the Environmental Defense Fund, 75% of them could be made more energy efficient with a very quick payback?

Your heating oil storage tank offers you the ability to safely store an adequate supply of heating oil that's ready for immediate use whenever cold weather arrives or a need to heat the home arises. Whether you require an underground tank or an aboveground tank either outside your home or in your basement, Townsend Energy has a new, technologically advanced, corrosion-resistant tank that's right for you.

Roth Safety Tanks

Oilheat customers have the distinct advantage of safely storing fuel in a tank on their property. And when you're in the market for a new tank, we recommend the Roth Safety Tank.

Roth tanks exceed the most recent industry safety regulations, ensuring consistently superior quality and peace of mind. Each tank undergoes thorough testing, including ultrasound tests, to ensure optimal thickness, and pressure testing to ensure the tank is sealed completely. Roth Safety Tanks feature a weld-free galvanized steel outer tank and a seamless, high-density polyethylene, corrosion-resistant inner tank. The Roth tank requires minimum floor space and is 55% lighter than a 12-gauge steel tank, with a larger storage capacity, too. Plus, it boasts the best warranty for similar tanks in the market — lifetime protection against corrosion and a limited 10-year warranty against leakage.

Townsend Energy will install your tank quickly and easily, and take care of getting rid of the old one in an environmentally friendly manner. Please call us today to schedule your free, in-home consultation.

Aboveground Tank Replacement

Oil tanks no longer need to be buried in the ground. Rather, they can be stored safely and effectively in many above-ground locations including your basement, crawl space, or even outside. Townsend Energy even offers attractive outdoor tank enclosures to match your home's siding. These watertight enclosures protect your tank against the elements and ensure long life. Plus, they provide secondary containment in the extremely rare event of a leak. So, give us a call today to discuss which oil tank option is right for you.

Tank Lines

When it comes to tank lines, safety is our number one priority. If your home is more than 10 years old, it may be time to have the fuel lines checked. Lines buried in the floor are usually made from copper, steel, brass or iron, and therefore when they come into contact with soil, concrete or water, there is a possibility they will corrode and release small amounts of oil. A delivery line break can also occur when there is a shifting in a home's foundation, basement floor, or the soil surrounding it.

Older delivery lines that are not visible, or encased, can result in releases going undetected for many years, and this may decrease the value of your property.

In fact, Massachusetts law requires all new delivery lines be installed be encased in protective sleeves or have an oil safety valve. These nonmetallic protective sleeves encase and protect delivery lines against damage and corrosion.

In the case of an older home, the delivery line will probably not have a protective sleeve. By installing new delivery lines or having the old ones encased, you minimize the chances for a leakage to occur.

Your Townsend service technician has the know-how to inspect your lines on a regular basis and, if replacement lines are needed, install new, double-walled lines and an Oil Safety Valve (OSV) with very little interruption to your existing system. Please call us to schedule an inspection of your oil tank fuel delivery line today.

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