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The benefits of using BioPure™ to fuel your truck or other diesel-powered equipment:

  • Biopure contains virtually no sulfur resulting in a reduction of damaging particulates that are released into the atmosphere from conventional gasoline
  • Since BioPure™ is domestically produced, it supports our nation's farming economy
  • BioPure™ is an efficient lubricant which in turn improves engine performance

Townsend Energy is committed to energy conservation and to helping our customers—and our communities—reduce their carbon footprint. That's why we deliver BioPure™ Heating Oil. Biopure is Townsend Energy's proprietary blend of up to 5% renewable Biofuel and can be used for heating systems, hot water heaters, pool heaters, and even diesel-fueled vehicles and power equipment!

Why Biopure is right for you:

  • Purely American Biopure is domestically produced using organically based biodiesel, which helps support our nation's farmers and also reduces our dependency on foreign oil
  • Pure Warmth As a Biofuel, BioPure™ has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel, for more efficient burning
  • Pure, Clean Air Biopure is biodegradable, renewable and non-toxic. It burns even cleaner than already clean conventional heating oil, it contains almost no sulfur, and significantly reduces particulates and greenhouse gases that lead to global warming
  • Pure Peace of Mind Biopure lubricates heating system parts more thoroughly and efficiently, helping to reduce the number of service calls needed annually
  • Pure Savings Biopure does not cost more than conventional heating oil
  • Pure Safety BioPure™ is a safe burning fuel, and with a higher flash point than conventional heating oil, it's even safer
  • Pure Convenience. BioPure™ does not require any burner, boiler/furnace or tank modifications
  • Pure Ease! BioPure™ is delivered on an automatic basis so you will never have to worry about running out. What's more, you can chose our budget payment program and auto-payment options for even greater conveinence

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