Is Your Old Air Conditioner Costing You?

AC installationOld A/Cs deteriorate faster as they age. An old air conditioning system is also less efficient, and this equates to high electricity bills. If you add in the frequent repairs, parts, and services that your old AC will need, these costs will surely put a dent in your budget. Installing a highly-efficient AC system is the perfect solution to inefficiency and expensive repair bills.

Homeowners often wonder how spending money on a new AC can help them be economical. The answer mostly lies with the latest technology newer models are equipped with.

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How To Save Money With An Air Conditioner Installation Danvers MA

An old AC unit is susceptible to frequent malfunctioning. It also results in expensive power bills at the end of each month. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why upgrading to a new air conditioning system saves you money.

Higher Energy-Efficiency

energy efficiencyTechnology advancements are made every day. This technological progression includes HVAC systems and the designs that manufacturers use. The most significant change is that more modern AC units can deliver cool air in your home while decreasing the energy needed to complete this action.

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER rating is a unit of measurement used to gauge how much cooling power (BTU) a cooling unit puts out for each watt of energy that the system consumes over the same time frame. Overall, an AC with a high SEER rating means it uses less power and is more cost-effective.

Modern units have high SEER ratings. These ratings are much higher than old models. Therefore, upgrading to a more modern air conditioner means you’ll enjoy getting lower electric bills every month. Basically, it will pay for itself with lower home cooling costs.

Better Humidity Control

Aside from controlling the indoor temperature and air quality, your cooling system also has other functions. One of these functions is managing the condensation level in your home. It does so by dehumidifying your home before cooling it. However, as your air conditioner ages, it does not run as efficiently as before. It also does not control humidity as well.

Poor humidity control means that there is more moisture in your AC and your home. This moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Allergens are then introduced into the air. In turn, you and your family might experience some health issues like coughing, eye irritation, and skin allergies. Mold also affects your AC’s heating and cooling performance and can cause water damage. Upgrading to a new system will prevent these issues and the high costs that come with them.

Technologically-Savvy Thermostat

thermostatAnother technological advancement new ACs are compatible with high-tech thermostats. These thermostats make your home life more manageable. It allows the homeowner to input pre-programmed settings. These settings are guaranteed to increase your home’s thermal comfort. At the same time, it will help you save money.

Higher Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner traps pollutants from entering your home. These contaminants tend to build up quickly in old ACs. This thick dust and dirt contribute to the decrease in your AC’s efficiency. That being said, your A/C is more likely to experience more system breakdowns as time passes. The debris only gets denser as time passes, and their associated malfunctions will occur more often. Eventually, this situation could lead to a complete system failure. This circumstance will disrupt your household’s comfort and will be expensive to repair.

These particulates can also cause many health concerns including skin allergies, wheezing, and asthma. A new air conditioner provides improved airflow and healthier air. This upgrade also helps in making sure that you and your family do not suffer from these illnesses and the expense that comes with health care.

Reduce Repairs

Old A/Cs tend to incur more damages as it ages. More damages mean frequent repairs. The risk of system failure is higher without proper maintenance checks. Having your AC repeatedly repaired will affect your household budget. Keep in mind that if the accumulated value of repairs from your malfunctioning A/C equals half the cost of a central air replacement cost, then you should seriously consider buying a new one soon. Modern AC units, with routine maintenance, will be more beneficial and economical to run.

Rebates And Incentives

A new AC unit is an investment. In fact, upgrading your old heating and cooling system to a new HVAC system qualifies you for rebates and discounts. Government agencies want each household to be as energy-efficient as possible, and this will only happen when homeowners install highly-efficient ACs in their homes. To promote this, agencies and manufacturers provide direct refunds, and tax credits or deductions to help lower your central air conditioner replacement cost. Purchasing cooling units that have high SEER ratings qualify you for more rebates and incentives.


Just as we’ve discussed, updating your old AC to a more modern system can help you save money. It also translates to higher energy-efficiency, increased comfort, and healthier indoor air quality. You will also receive rebates and incentives on your central air conditioner installation.

A reliable HVAC contractor can help you with any heating and cooling concerns you have. Also, they can also provide you with all the information you need when you are thinking of installing a new AC in your home.

For a reputable HVAC company that offers a wide range of heating and cooling services and solutions, make sure to contact Townsend Energy. We can also provide you with an HVAC system replacement at honest prices. We will make sure that your AC provides you with high levels of comfort without the added energy costs.

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