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BioPure™ heating oil is our environmentally friendly solution for residential and commercial properties that heat with fuel oil. Learn how Townsend Energy is helping customers reduce their carbon footprints with our green energy solutions.

Heating Oil Delivery

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Get quality BioPure™ heating oil delivery, delivered on time, every time. We offer various payment and purchasing options to accommodate all of our customer's budget demands and delivery needs. Click the button to get more details.

Propane Delivery

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We make propane easy for our customers! We offer several purchasing options and guarantee our propane deliveries are made on time! Make the switch to Townsend Energy and experience the best New England propane delivery services.

Diesel Delivery

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You can count on Townsend Energy for all of your on-road and off-road diesel delivery needs. We service all types of commercial diesel needs including farm, construction, trucks, buses, marine, and more. Contact us today for more details.

Townsend Energy Has Been Delivering Fuel To Homes & Businesses Since 1931.

Learn Why Townsend Energy Is Your Go-To Resource For Fuel Delivery

Our entire staff, from fuel delivery drivers and our customer support representatives in our call centers to our management team, has a singular goal; your total home comfort. This includes on-time, dependable fuel deliveries. Read more.


Heating Oil Delivery Services Near Me

If you’re tired of looking for the best heating oil delivery service in your area, look no further! At Townsend Energy, we provide comprehensive heating oil delivery services to residents and businesses in Massachusetts at a quality unmatched by our competitors. Having a heating oil supplier you can trust truly makes a difference in not only your home comfort but your peace of mind.

What truly separates Townsend Energy from other heating oil delivery companies is our service. When you call our friendly customer service staff, they’ll help you find a delivery solution that’s perfect for your needs, and one that’s carried out by our expert service team. One of the other things we pride ourselves on is our prices. Whereas other oil and fuel delivery companies would increase their prices for advanced service, we offer extremely competitive prices that rival some of the lowest on the market.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Townsend Energy can change your oil delivery experience, contact us today for more information! Our experienced service team has seen it all and will make sure that you get your heating oil on time and without a hitch!

Home Heating Oil Prices

It’s no secret that when the winter months come around home heating oil prices increase. This is a simple example of supply and demand. And in the cold winter months of Massachusetts, the demand is extremely high. At Townsend Energy, we strive to always keep our prices as competitive as we possibly can to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money.

If the cost of oil still seems too high and you’re worried about potentially running out of oil in the early months of winter, one of the things you can do is fill your tank in the summer. While this may sound a little counterintuitive since you won’t be using the oil until the winter, this option has several benefits. The largest, and most important of which is price. Since the demand is so much lower in the warmer months, you can fill your tank for much cheaper! In addition one of the other biggest benefits is improving the health of your tank. Having a low or empty tank for long periods of time potentially lowers the lifespan of your oil tank as the mineral deposits left by the oil can eat away at the interior of your tank.

If you would like to learn more about our heating oil delivery service and our home heating oil prices, contact us today!

Heating Oil Suppliers

There’s truly nothing like finding a quality heating oil supplier in your area that you can trust to deliver oil in a timely manner every time. If you’re tired of looking for a quality, reliable heating oil supplier, look no further than Townsend Energy. We offer comprehensive heating oil delivery services to residents throughout Massachusetts.

One of the biggest things to consider when choosing a heating oil supplier is the types of services they offer. At Townsend Energy, we offer automatic delivery services so you never have to worry about running out of oil and dealing with the cold! If you’re desperate for oil and it’s a time when no other provider can get to you, Townsend Energy can. We offer 24/7 emergency oil delivery services to make sure you always have oil in your tank no matter what!

One of the other most important aspects of choosing a heating oil supplier is the other services they offer. It’s much easier to just have one contractor you trust for all your heating oil delivery and other HVAC needs. At Townsend Energy, we not only provide the best heating oil delivery services but also a wide variety of comprehensive HVAC services. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you solve all of your energy needs, contact us today! Our friendly customer service staff can help you find a solution that fits not only your needs but also your budget.

Propane Delivery Services Near Me

Using propane powered systems are much more energy efficient than electric systems. When you replace an electric powered system with a propane one, you can save up to 50% in energy costs! Having a reliable propane provider can completely change not only your comfort but also your peace of mind! At Townsend Energy, we understand that dealing with propane delivery companies can be a hassle and cause stress especially during the peak season in the winter. We provide automatic and on-demand delivery services to improve your propane delivery experience.

What we feel what truly separates Townsend Energy from the competition is our commitment to you, the customer. Our expert service technicians treat every job and delivery like they’re working on their own home. Contact us today for comprehensive propane delivery today and experience the Townsend Energy difference.

Propane Prices

If you’re tired of overpaying for propane delivery, we’re here to help. At Townsend Energy, we offer some of the lowest propane prices for delivery services in all of Massachusetts. When you combine that with our outstanding service, we feel that we offer the best propane prices and delivery in the area. In addition to our base prices and services, we offer automatic delivery and payment plans to make it even easier to afford.

You may be asking yourself, what are the benefits of automatic delivery? Well at Townsend Energy we feel that our automatic customers deserve our utmost attention. When you enroll in automatic delivery we’ll always ensure that you get your propane on time, without a hitch and you'll get discounted propane prices. Contact Townsend Energy today for quality, on-time propane delivery every time!

Commercial Diesel Delivery Near Me

At Townsend Energy, we understand the importance of reliable commercial diesel delivery services to keep your business operating year-round without interruption. Quality commercial diesel delivery means your business’ vehicles can spend more time on the road and less time fueling up. This increased efficiency can be invaluable to your business and not only increase your profits but increase your delivery times and service.

We only deliver the highest quality diesel fuel to ensure your vehicles fuel tanks are never compromised by low-quality fuels. At Townsend Energy, we’ve found the difference between low and high-quality fuel to be the difference in your vehicle’s lifespan. This is yet another way that your business can save money by choosing Townsend Energy for your commercial diesel delivery. Contact us today for more information about all of our delivery services and to find out how we can help your business save money and increase the time your vehicles are on the road.


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