Summer Shutdown: Is It Necessary to Turn Off Your Heating Oil System?

As summer approaches, homeowners with heating oil systems face a common dilemma: should they shut down their system for the season? This question arises from a desire to save on energy and reduce costs. However, the decision is more complex than it seems, involving factors that affect both efficiency and maintenance.

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Unlocking The Secret To The Double-Wall Heating Oil Tank

the word advantages depicting benefits of double-wall heating oil storage tanks

In homes throughout the eastern United States, heating oil plays a vital role in maintaining warmth during colder months. Stored in dedicated heating oil tanks, it fuels furnaces and boiler heating systems. This article discusses the benefits and advantages of double-wall heating oil tanks, making them a smart choice for homeowners.

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New Efficient Oil Heating Systems Increase Comfort And Decrease Fuel Use

image of a energy efficiency rating chart depicting home efficiency of oil-fired home heating systems

Developments in home heating technology offer improved comfort and efficiency. Modern heating oil systems significantly outperform older models, thanks to manufacturers’ focus over recent decades. These advancements allow for superior warmth in peak winter at reduced fuel consumption. The article explores why adopting these efficient heating systems is beneficial for your comfort and budget.

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10 Tips to Reduce Your Oil Heating Costs

image of bill and scissors depicting cutting oil heating costs

In New England, cold weather and hefty heating bills are inevitable. Residents depend on their heater to combat the cold. While shutting off your heating system to save costs isn’t an option, there are ways to reduce your oil expenses. This guide provides tips on lowering your fuel costs without sacrificing comfort and safety.

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What’s the Optimal Temperature Setting for Your Heating Oil Boiler?

image of homeowner wondering which boiler temperature is best

Determining the right temperature for your heating oil boiler isn’t a universal solution. It depends on diverse factors, including fluctuating outdoor conditions and unique household demands. At Townsend Energy, we specialize in understanding the nuances of different boiler types. We’ll guide you in selecting the right temperature setting to achieve the best efficiency.

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What Do Heating Oil Additives Do?

image of heating oil additives

If you use oil-heat, you’ve probably heard of oil additives. Heating oil additives are specially formulated substances designed to enhance the efficiency of oil burners or furnaces. They improve combustion, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient operation of your system. This discussion delves into the world of heating oil additives in more detail.

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The Best Ways To Prevent Running Out Of Heating Fuel This Winter

image of a homeowner feeling chilly due to running out of home heating oil

One of this season’s biggest tasks is checking your oil levels and calling for an oil delivery with enough time. Unfortunately, some homeowners still forget and realize it when they are out of fuel. Preventing an empty oil tank can be easy when you use some of the methods outlined in this article.

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Wi-Fi Thermostats for Oil Heat

image of a wi-fi thermostat for a home heating system that uses fuel oil

Heating and cooling are responsible for around half of the energy usage in US homes. The type of thermostat you use can significantly affect your energy consumption and your oil heating system’s effectiveness. Consider getting a Wi-Fi thermostat to achieve better efficiency for your furnace or boiler. This device allows you to automate and have…

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What Boiler Size Do I Need?

image of a what boiler size do i need

Boiler selection isn’t a matter of simply choosing the largest unit available. Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration. For the best results, it’s recommended to engage the services of an HVAC professional. This article sheds light on the factors that influence the choice of the ideal boiler size and type.

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Home Heating Oil: Top Tips For Summer

image of a homeowner that uses oil heat depicting summer heating oil tips

Heating oil may not be on people’s minds in the summer. However, this season is the perfect time to think about it. The warm weather and an idle boiler mean you can work on the various components of your heating system. This way, you are ready for the cold weather when it comes rolling in.

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