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You can rely on our expert furnace technicians to keep the heating system in your home or business functioning throughout the winter! Need a new or upgraded furnace? No problem. We've got you covered there as well. Click the button below to learn more.


boiler repairs

Boiler heating systems are extremely reliable. However, they do need to be maintained. We work on all types of boilers (oil, gas & propane).  We also install the best boiler heating systems available on the market. Click the button below to learn more about service and installations.

Heat Pumps

heat pump repairs

Heat pumps are superb in energy efficiency and comfort. With advances in new technology, heat pumps are a viable solution for homes and businesses in New England! Learn more about our efficient, versatile, and comfortable heat pump solutions offered by Townsend Energy.

Air Conditioning

air conditioning repairs

When the New England summers turn hot and muggy, it is comforting to know that your home is cool! At Townsend Energy, we work hard to ensure you stay comfortable all summer. Click the button below to learn more about our AC repairs, maintenance, and installation services.

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Our entire team at Townsend Energy is focused on a singular goal - your total home comfort. You can count on the professional HVAC staff at Townsend Energy to keep you and your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer with our HVAC solutions. Read more.

Furnace Repair Contractor Near Me

If your furnace is in need of repair, look no further than Townsend Energy. We provide world-class oil furnace repair for residents and businesses throughout New England. In addition, we also provide gas furnace repair and propane furnace repair services! If you’re hesitating to call an HVAC contractor because you think the issue is not major, you should still call today. A minor problem today could turn into a major problem tomorrow. These small problems on your oil, gas, or propane furnace can most likely be easily fixed for cheap! If you wait and let the problem devolve, it may turn into a much larger job or may require furnace replacement!

Townsend Energy only employs the best HVAC service technicians in the area and we make sure that all our employees know the most up-to-date systems and methods of fixing. In addition, all of our service trucks are fully stocked and ready to repair just about anything. If you’re interested in learning how Townsend Energy can complete your oil furnace repair, contact our friendly customer service staff today!

Boiler Repair Contractor Near Me

If you rely on a boiler to heat your home, you’re used to quality heat for relatively cheap. However if there’s something wrong with your boiler, you should call for oil boiler repair service as soon as possible. Just like with furnaces, if your boiler is in need of repair, waiting may only exacerbate the problem and end up costing you much more. We provide oil boiler repair, gas boiler repair, as well as propane boiler repair. At Townsend Energy, we think of ourselves as full-service HVAC contractors which means we’re ready to handle whatever you may need on a budget your wallet will thank you for.

Some of the most common signs that you’re in need of oil boiler repair are strange noises, inconsistent heating, and increased energy costs. If you’re experiencing any of these things or just may think your gas boiler is in need of repair contact us today. Even if it is something simple, it’s better if you call professional HVAC contractors as some warranties are void if a non-licensed person tries to fix your propane boiler.

Heat Pump Repair Contractor Near Me

Heat pumps and other ductless HVAC systems are becoming more and more popular with homeowners and businesses in New England. Utilizing ductless heating and cooling can be much cheaper than installing ductwork, and it actually makes it easier to see if you’re in need of repair. At Townsend Energy, our service technicians are experts at repairing ductless air conditioning and heating systems in homes just like yours.

If you’re interested in learning how Townsend Energy can provide you with comprehensive ductless HVAC repair, contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff can find you a solution that’s perfect for you and will work around your budget and schedule to find a time and price that’s right for you. Where other heat pump repair contractors would leave you out in the cold (or heat for that matter), Townsend Energy is there to provide you with world class service when you need it most.

Air Conditioning Repair Contractor Near Me

In the warm New England summers, a broken air conditioner can make life extremely uncomfortable. At Townsend Energy, we understand this and will provide you with quality home AC repair service. A central air conditioning repair job can be simple if caught early. Just like with all other pieces of HVAC equipment, catching an issue early can be the difference between a simple repair and a total air conditioner replacement.

The need for repairs on your home AC system can be avoided by enrolling in regular maintenance services. At Townsend Energy, although we do provide central air conditioning repair services, we always recommend that you enroll in one of our annual maintenance programs. Think of this as a checkup for your home HVAC systems. We can identify anything that may become a problem later as well as tune up your system to provide you with maximum comfort and make sure your system is operating at maximum efficiency.

If you’re in need of home AC repair or are interested in learning more about our maintenance programs, contact us today!

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