Townsend Energy's PurePay Program allows you to spread out your propane and heating oil payments over a 12 month period, even though you use most of it in just six. This makes your payments much easier to budget and helps avoid steep spikes during the times you are using the most.

How The PurePay Works For You

Your budget payment will be estimated on current prices and your historical usage that we have on file. Our Budget plan is a cost management tool, not a cost guarantee. PurePay enables you to spread out your propane and heating oil payments over a 12 month period, with 11 equal payments and a month of reconciliation. During the 12th month if all your fuel has been paid for with the 11 payments there is no payment in the 12th month, however, should your usage have exceeded the good faith estimate and prior payments you will have a payment to reconcile any remaining balance. It may be adjusted up or down due to the energy market or weather conditions.


Automatic Payment Options

PurePay also gives you the option of making automatic payments through our FREE Electronic Funds Transfer service, or we can automatically charge your credit card each month. This means one less thing for you to have to worry about so you can focus on the things you need to most, saving you time and hassle. What more is there no cost to enroll, and we pay interest if you have a credit balance in any month.

In addition, you can even combine all your Townsend Energy expenses in your PurePay plan including:

  • Service plan costs
  • Equipment financing costs
  • Heating oil costs
  • Propane costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you come up with my payment amount?

We take your fuel use (in gallons) from last year and multiply it by projected prices for this year to get your total estimated fuel bill. Then we divide that total into 12 even payments.

What if I don’t use that much fuel, or if prices change?

In the end, you only pay for fuel you actually use, at the price in effect the day you receive your oil deliveries - NOT A PENNY MORE. If the estimate ends up being high or low, we can adjust your payments accordingly as the winter progresses, or use the 12th month to settle up.

Do I stay in control of my fuel deliveries?

Absolutely. Every month you receive a statement that shows exactly what you’ve been charged, what you’ve paid, whether you have a credit or balance, etc.

You can also take advantage of your autopay and paperless billing options, and roll in your Service Plan payments.

Can I call to find out what my monthly payment will be?

Sure, but it will also be listed on your first statement.

When do my payments start?

You’ll receive your first statement at the start of the heating season. You’ll make a total of 12 monthly payments.

What if I think your monthly estimate is off?

Just call our office and we’ll go over things together. If an adjustment is warranted, we’re happy to make it.

Why should I pay you before I get my first delivery? Isn’t it better to have my money in the bank?

While it’s true that sometimes you’ll pay us before you get a delivery, that balances out by the end of the cycle. In any case, you will receive 2.5% interest on any credit balance you may have at the end of the month.

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