Have You Checked Your HVAC Air Filter Lately?

Air Conditioning MaintenanceThe air filter is a vital part of your HVAC system. It is usually has spun fiberglass material. However, some are made up of pleated paper or cloth. A cardboard frame usually encloses it.

The air filter is responsible for cleaning the air that circulates through your HVAC system. Not only that, but the air filter also traps contaminants and debris, preventing them from entering your home. It helps you achieve optimum comfort but also helps prevent sickness as well.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Danvers MA: Changing Your HVAC Filter

In this article, we will discuss the effects of a dirty air filter. We also aim to answer the question of why it is vital to change your HVAC filter.

Dirty Air Filter

air filterAs time passes, your AC’s air filter gathers more and more particulates. The fine mesh becomes dense with this buildup. A dirty air filter means that air cannot pass as easily compared to a clean air filter. This situation will cause your A/C’s blower fan to strain to push air through. In turn, some rooms in your home may not cool or heat as well as other areas will.

The air filter has numerous essential functions. Therefore, it is crucial to clean it or change it regularly. When you have clean air filters, you will enjoy many benefits.

Extended Lifespan

The decrease in air flow caused by a dirty air filter also makes your HVAC system less efficient. This air flow reduction can cause the individual heating and cooling components of your system to overstrain. When this happens, your system might stop working correctly and eventually experience system failure.

If you want your air conditioner unit to last longer, it is essential that your AC receive regular professional maintenance. Part of the maintenance check is cleaning or changing your air filter. By doing so, you can avoid costly repairs and premature replacements.

Energy Efficiency

energy efficient houseHeated or cooled air can’t travel out of the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner as easily when contaminants clog the surfaces of your air filters. The reduction in airflow causes your HVAC system to work a lot harder. This situation leads to the decline of the overall efficiency of the HVAC system which will create an uneven temperature throughout your home. You will be paying the same amount of energy or using the same amount of gas or oil but will not receive optimum thermal comfort.

Check your filter on a monthly basis as part of your central air conditioner maintenance. Change it when it is dirty. You can save you by as much as 15 percent on your energy utility bill.

Fewer Repairs

Clogged air filters can lead to many problems such as overheating, frozen evaporator coils, furnace failure, to name a few. These damages can lead to system failure unless you address them immediately. Frequent repairs are costly. Clean air filters are crucial to keep your HVAC system performing well and to avoid unnecessary repair costs.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is essential as it is a significant contributor to your health. One of the benefits of having a clean HVAC air filter is high-quality indoor air. It traps contaminants such as dust and pollen and, in turn, promotes cleaner air.

If a filter accumulates particles, it loses its protective function. A clogged filter will only re-circulate harmful debris back into your home. It is especially worse if you have pets or live near dust such as construction sites.

Running your HVAC system with an obstructed filter can lead to severe respiratory illnesses or skin irritations. A clean air filter promotes better indoor air quality and improves your health.


Preventing Mold

The accumulated debris on your dirty air filter can attract condensation. This dampness encourages mold or bacteria growth.

Many damages occur when mold gets into your air conditioner or furnace. Mold will interfere with the normal function of your system, and it can cause harm to your body.

When the fungus is introduced to your body, it can lead to multiple respiratory issues including allergies. Moreover, it can damage the walls and floors of your home. Keep your air filters clean to prevent mold growth, and, as a default, you will avoid the problems that come hand-in-hand with it.


A clean air filter is crucial to enjoy the many benefits that come with it. A dirty filter affects your HVAC’s functionality, your wallet, and your well-being as well. Make sure that a trusted HVAC contractor routinely maintains your furnace and air conditioning system. You can search for “air conditioner maintenance near me” and find a reputable heating and cooling company in your area.

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