Why Your AC's Refrigerant Is More Important Than You May Realize

refrigerantYour air conditioner cools down your house through the process called the refrigeration cycle. The refrigeration cycle uses a cooling substance called refrigerant. It is the chemical blend that is responsible for producing the cold air that comes from your AC.

Without refrigerant, the temperature of the air that your AC produces would not change. The air will remain at room temperature, and your air conditioner will not have the ability to cool your home. It would be no different than using a fan.

If your AC isn’t adequately cooling your home, there is a possibility that your unit is experiencing refrigerant issues. Therefore, it is essential that you find out more about refrigerants.

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Air Conditioner Repair Danvers MA: The Importance Of Refrigerant

As mentioned above, your AC’s refrigerant is vital for it to cool your house down. In turn, your home remains comfortable, especially during hot summer days. This article will explore the role of refrigerant in your air conditioner. It will also cover how this coolant has changed the way we lived.

How A Refrigerant Cools The Air

ACThe refrigerant, in its gaseous state, is stored in copper coils. The copper coils and the refrigerant absorb the heat inside your home. As the coolant warms, it transforms into a liquid. The AC’s fans blow the refrigerant into the outside coils. The heat is then released outside. As the refrigerant cools down, it turns into a gas again, and it is pushed back to the indoor coils. The process then repeats.

Types Of Refrigerants

Refrigerants have had their place in air conditioning technology for a long time. However, the blend has been changed throughout the years because some variants contribute to the greenhouse effect. Below are the three refrigerants that were commonly used by AC manufacturers.


R-12 is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). This chemical blend contains chlorine, fluorine, and carbon. It is a greenhouse gas that is ten thousand times more powerful than carbon dioxide. However, it also contributes to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. The Montreal Protocol banned its use in 1995. It is now illegal to buy and sell R-12.


air conditioner coolantR-22 was used as a substitute for CFCs. It is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) that contains hydrogen, chlorine, fluorine, and carbon. Also, it is a greenhouse gas that is 1, 800 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. It is less potent than R-12 as an ozone-depleting substance. However, the Kyoto Protocol banned its use in 2010. It is currently in the process of a phase-out. R-22 will no longer be sold and used by 2020.


This type of refrigerant is a hydrofluorocarbon. HFC contains hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon. It is a greenhouse gas that is two thousand times more powerful than carbon dioxide. However, it is less harmful to the environment because R-410A does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. You can find this refrigerant in split system air conditioners and modern central air conditioning systems.

The Importance Of Refrigerants

Air conditioning units use refrigerant to complete the cooling cycle. It makes our homes, office buildings, and cars more comfortable to be in. We rely on our ACs to keep us cool during the hot summer season.

Freezing and refrigeration technology also uses refrigerants. As you know, refrigerators and freezers keep our food fresh. It slows down the microorganisms that would otherwise spoil our food a lot faster.

Without the refrigerant, all these comforts are not possible. Overall, this substance has transformed the way we live.

Refrigerant Issues

When it concerns your AC, your air conditioner needs the right amount of refrigerant for it to provide adequate cooling. The refrigerant charge is the amount of refrigerant in your unit. Every unit has an ideal charge. A unit that receives proper maintenance will not lose any of its refrigerant charge during the cooling cycle. However, refrigerant leaks can happen.

Leaks, regardless how small, can cause the loss of refrigerant. This loss can create a significant change in your home environment. Low refrigerant levels can cause inadequate cooling. Moreover, your AC becomes less efficient, resulting in high energy costs. Sometimes it can even lead to a broken unit where you think that your air conditioner is not turning on. You need to contact an HVAC professional immediately if you have a refrigerant leak. They can perform air conditioner troubleshooting to determine whether your unit has a leak or not. This problem is not a DIY repair. Therefore, instead of searching for information on “how to fix an air conditioner that is not cooling”, it is best to find a reputable heating and cooling company in your area.

A NATE certified HVAC contractor has the proper tools and knowledge to fix any refrigerant issues you have. They will be able to pinpoint your air conditioner’s problems and solutions.

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As previously discussed, refrigerant leaks can cause problems to your A/C’s functionality. It can cause discomfort and may cause your AC to malfunction. Therefore, a professional HVAC contractor needs to repair it as soon as possible.

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