Why Is My Second Story Hotter Than The Ground Floor?

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If the ground floor of your home is cooler than the second story, it is likely that you may feel uncomfortable during the peak of the summer season. You may wonder about what you should do.

Is there a way for your second story to match the temperature of the downstairs area? Do you have to lower your thermostat when you choose to spend time upstairs?

There are a few things you should know about why that part of your home is not cooling as effectively as the ground floor.

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Air Conditioner Repair Winchester MA: Why Is My Second Story Hotter Than The Ground Floor?

In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why your second story is much hotter than your downstairs. We will also cover some options that are available to remedy this situation.

Rising Hot Air & Attic Insulation

We know that hot air rises, and so the ground floor is easier to cool. Depending on the kind of material your roof is made from, it may also tend to absorb heat and hold on to it. This situation makes matters trickier, and hotter. For this reason, energy experts recommend that the attic is well insulated. Doing so ensures that it stays cool in the summer and warmer in the cold season.
Insulation is calculated in R values, and the higher the value, the better the insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends a certain level of insulation for different climate zones. Therefore, you should make sure that you insulate your attic and home according to your climate zone. You could also consider investing in roofing materials that reflect rather than absorb heat.

Keep It Simple: Use Window Treatments

second floor is hotter than downstairsSometimes the simplest solutions are also the most efficient. Your ground floor may be cooler because of the shade it receives from the surrounding trees on your property. In other words, the amount of direct sunlight that enters this part of your home is usually less than in the second story.

You could consider using blackout curtains and other window treatments that would reduce the amount of sunlight entering the second story of your home. you should also clean the HVAC air filters, and the vents that supply the rooms with cool air regularly.
The HVAC fan should be set on ‘on’ rather than auto. Doing so will make sure that air is constantly circulated inside the house. Good window and door insulation will help keep your home cool in the summer season.

Address The HVAC Unit Cooling Your Home

Your HVAC unit should maintain a comfortable ambient temperature in your home. If the second story of your home is hotter than the ground floor, it would be a good idea to call your HVAC service provider for a consult. They will check the ducts for cuts and leaks. The HVAC technician may recommend a pressure test to identify any leaks.

Your HVAC system is responsible for cooling your house. It is easier and quicker to cool the parts of the home closest to the unit. And thus, it takes longer to cool the second story of your home. To ensure that all parts of the home are cooled efficiently, it is important that the ductwork is well insulated. Also, make sure that you schedule an annual AC tune-up. Regular maintenance by HVAC professionals can help identify and deal with potential problem areas. After all, your cooling system will not be able to perform well if it has an issue that is not addressed. If your ductwork and air conditioner are in good shape, then there are additional methods that an HVAC contractor can recommend. Be sure to ask about an HVAC zoning system or a zoned ductless system for the upstairs portion of your home.

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Replace An Old HVAC Unit When Necessary

ACOften a home that is not cooling consistently has an HVAC unit that does not suit the size of the building. If the system is too small, it may have to run for long periods, and still not get the job done correctly. If it is too big, it may cycle on and off.

In both cases, you can expect to see an unnecessary rise in energy bills. It would be a good idea to consult with a reliable HVAC company to calculate the cooling requirements of your home to ensure that your HVAC unit is adequate for the job.

Most HVAC units offer homes years of excellent service. If your system is about ten years old, it may be time for an air conditioner replacement. ENERGY STAR states that across the country, nearly half of the HVAC units in use are installed incorrectly. This problem affects energy efficiency and performance. Do choose a trusted and reliable HVAC company that provides reliable professional service.

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