Air Conditioning Facts You Won’t Believe

ac servicesEvery home, business premise, and office has an air conditioner nowadays. People have become dependent on these machines during the hot months of the year, as they make living and working spaces habitable.
While you can see vents, air handlers and ductless air conditioning units in many places, have you ever stopped to wonder where air conditioners came from?

Air Conditioner Service Durham NH: Air Conditioning Facts You Won’t Believe

Below are some interesting facts about air conditioners you won’t believe:

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1. Hoover Was The First President To Enjoy Air Conditioning

Can you imagine living in the nation’s capital in the summer without a working air conditioner? Most people can’t. One of those people is President Herbert Hoover. Just after the stock market crash of 1929, Hoover spent $33,000 on an air conditioning system to keep his workplace and home cool in the hot summers of Washington, DC.

2. People Used To Evacuate From The Warmer States In Summer

Before the invention of the modern air conditioner, people used to leave the warmer states and head for the cooler states in the summer. Places like Texas and Florida had very few people in the summer. Once the development of the AC system occurred, populations in these areas increased rapidly.

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3. The Modern Air Conditioning Unit Has Saved Lives

heat stroke and ac systemHeatstroke is a real risk for vulnerable populations. Before the invention of the modern air conditioner, thousands of people around the world used to die of heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses. Since the development of the modern AC, these deaths have reduced by a whopping 80%, and researchers attribute this to air conditioning systems.

4. Movie Theaters Were Really Cool

In the summer, very few people wanted to stay in a baking hot movie theater to watch movies before the advent of AC systems. That is why the owners of movie theaters invested in powerful AC systems in the 1900’s. This strategy worked as seats in movie theaters were sold out almost on a daily basis. During that time, many homes did not have air conditioning, so people rushed to buy tickets to escape the heat at home.

5. “Ice Power” Was The Unit For Measuring Cooling

When air conditioners were first invented, their cooling power was measured in terms of “Ice Power.” The number of blocks of ice that could produce the same cooling power as an air conditioning system defined this term.

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6. Cooling Systems Were Not Developed For Comfort

While air conditioners are known as home comfort systems nowadays, they were initially developed to cool machines and reduce humidity in a publishing company. In 1902, a New York-based publishing company had problems with paper contraction and expansion as well as ink control due to fluctuating humidity and temperature levels. To resolve this problem, they developed an air conditioner to ensure a constant temperature and humidity level.

7. The Earliest Ventilation System Was At Cornell University

air conditioning systemsIn 1899, Cornell University installed a ventilation system in the dissecting room to remove the smell produced by medical cadavers to ensure students could dissect cadavers without the foul smell.

8. The First Home Air Conditioning System Was Installed In Minneapolis

In 1913, Charles Gates built the first home air conditioning system in his Mansion in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to enjoy it. The home was the first-ever fully-air conditioned home in the world.

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9. No AC, No Modern Medicine

Air conditioning has helped researchers produce medication in air-conditioned laboratories. After production, these vaccines require an air-conditioned or refrigerated storage area. Next time you take your medicine, be sure to thank air conditioning systems.

10. Summer Vacation Was Born Due To Lack of Air Conditioning

Before the development of the modern air conditioning system, schools were too hot for any studying to go on. As a result, the summer vacation was born. However, the idea stuck on even after the development of the modern air conditioner.


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