6 Tips For End Of Summer AC Maintenance

air conditioner servicesWe push our air conditioners to their limits during summer. Many of them break down at peak stress. Others survive the season but not without incurring some damage. Once it starts to cool down, your AC can finally get some much-needed rest. A lot of homes will also be empty as classes resume so cooling systems can be used much less than before.

The end of summer is a good time to perform overdue maintenance tasks. There is no reason to put them off any longer, especially if you want to keep the unit in top shape. Most of the tasks are easy and can be completed within a day.

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Air Conditioner Service Ipswich MA: 6 Tips For End Of Summer AC Maintenance

Below are a few of the essential tips for end of summer AC maintenance:

1. Look And Listen To The AC Unit

You don’t always need fancy tools to sense whether the unit has problems or not. Just listen to it while it is running to check for odd noises or loud rattling. Inspect the AC all over to spot any signs of wear and tear. You should address dusty parts, frayed wires, torn belts, and similar red flags. You could lubricate moving parts if you knowhow to do so. However, it would be best to get the help of a professional HVAC technician for most types of repair.

2. Give Your Air Conditioner Space To Breathe

outdoor AC condenserYou want to check the outdoor unit to see if it is still operating under ideal conditions. It is much harder to control the outside environment. If it is located near plants, then you should be mindful of the distance between the unit and the bushes. These should not be allowed to grow too much that they begin to touch the sides. Trim them to get a good gap for unimpeded airflow. Clear out the fallen leaves and twigs around it. Otherwise, you will run into problems with air circulation and energy efficiency.

3. Clean And Unclog Your Cooling Unit

By now, the coils will probably be covered with dirt. This will prevent efficient heat exchange between the refrigerant and the immediate environment. Hose off the surfaces to get rid of the unwanted layer of dirt.

Note that this may not completely clean everything. For a more thorough job, the casing should be removed such that manual cleaning can commence. HVAC technicians are the best people for this task. While they are at it, they will also unclog the condensate line and ensure that the unit operates as good as new.

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4. Replace The HVAC Air Filters

Owners can check the air filters to see their current condition. Most manufacturers tell people to change the filters every quarter, and some might even go as far as a monthly replacement. It would really depend on the environmental conditions in the area as some places tend to be dustier than others. The goal is to prevent the filter from being too clogged with dirt. This way, the air can freely pass through.


5. Pay Attention To The Furnace

Since you are already checking on your AC, you might as well do the same for your furnace. You will need it to run at 100% condition in the coming winter anyway. Hit two birds with one stone to make excellent use of your time and resources.

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6. Get Professional HVAC Assistance

For even better results, call a professional HVAC contractor for AC and furnace maintenance work. They have the tools, the skills, and the experience necessary to get the job done quickly and effectively. Do this twice a year to keep your heating and cooling systems running energy efficiently, longer, and with fewer issues.


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