What To Consider Before Your Next AC Installation

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AC Solutions: Ductless Air Conditioning, Central Air Conditioners, And Window AC Units

As you are searching for an air conditioning unit, you will find a wide variety of home comfort systems. The three most popular of these are central air conditioning units, window AC units, and mini-split ductless air conditioners. Each of these has pros and cons associated with them. Before any homeowner makes that final decision, it is best to learn about all these options. In this article, you will find a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of each type of system.

Window Air Conditioning Units

window air conditionerThere is one significant advantage to window ACs that other types do not have. They cost far less, and they are easy to install. Homeowners typically install them in a window or an exterior wall. It is their inexpensiveness that is most attractive.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages associated with these units as well. The most significant drawback is that each window unit can only cool one room at a time. It will take multiple units to reduce the temperature in several rooms. Therefore, this type of air conditioning system can become expensive, and sometimes you don’t even have the option to use them. You see, it can be impossible to install window units in windowless rooms.

Additionally, these units are quite noisy as well. The evaporator and the condenser are both housed inside of the window unit. That means it will be necessary to deal with that noise if you do choose to install a window air conditioner.

Window AC units can also pose security and health risks. Concerning health risks, these units are prone to the development of harmful substances such as mold and bacteria. The security risk comes from the fact that homeowners install them in open windows. These windows then become vulnerable to burglary or other nefarious activity.

In the long run, window AC units are not as efficient and pose many risks. For these reasons, they probably are not the best option as your home comfort system of choice. Your best bet is to have a professional install a ductless or central air conditioning system in your home.

Central Air Conditioners

central air conditionerThe preferred air conditioning system for many US homeowners is the central air conditioner. They offer a high level of reliability and performance. They provide consistent temperature control no matter how hot the temperature outside become and they keep your dwelling comfortable throughout the year.

One advantage of central air conditioning systems is that the ductwork that delivers cold air into every room of your home can be used to distribute heated air as well. They even enhance air quality inside your home. The filtration system built right into them works hard to remove contaminants before they can reach your family. If your home already has ductwork, it dramatically reduces the initial cost associated with installing a new central air system.


Just like with every other air conditioning system, there are some disadvantages to central air conditioners. An example of this is the expense of installing ductwork if your home does not already have a network of ducts in place. Installing ducts is expensive and time-consuming. The occupants of the house have to live in a construction zone. Also, there is the work involved with maintaining that ductwork with regular cleanings to ensure mold and bacteria do not build up and cause illness.

These systems also use a significant amount of energy. However, the right team of HVAC technicians can adequately size a central air conditioning unit to cool your home appropriately.

It is essential that you do not stress the central air system by closing vents. Some homeowners do this to try to save money on power bills. However, because it is necessary to leave the vents open, your air conditioner will cool rooms that you may not be using. There are extra costs associated with cooling entire homes rather than only the rooms you use. Also, energy loss occurs when cooled air escapes through loose or improperly installed ducts.


After considering all the facts spelled out above, it is evident that central air conditioning units offer exceptional value for the price you pay. They also allow you to enjoy maximum comfort in your home as well as high indoor air quality. Nevertheless, the most energy-efficient and comfortable residential air conditioning systems are the ductless type.

Ductless Air Conditioners

central air conditionerMini-split ductless air conditioners, or ductless air conditioners, provide a fantastic cooling option for any home. No ductwork is required either. There are two main components to these units, the air handler, and evaporator. The air handler is on the inside of the house, but the condenser outdoors. Refrigerant tubing and electrical cables connect these two.

The installation of ductless air conditioning systems is fast and straightforward for a technician who has experience. HVAC technicians install the units air handler on the ceiling or interior wall with the condenser outdoors. Experienced techs know how to connect the air handler high and out of the way of people and furniture. Several installation methods are available from which to choose, but major construction techniques are not required. During the installation, you can add the number of the zones needed to meet your needs.

Energy Efficient Cooling

ductless AC systemThe energy efficiency of ductless air conditioners is much better than window AC units or central air conditioning systems. Each time you leave a room, you can turn the unit off and stop cooling that room to reduce energy consumption. Your energy bills can be lower with this type of system as compared to central air conditioning or window ACs. Another advantage is the high SEER ratings and sophisticated filtration system that these units have. They enhance the indoor air quality of your home. Nevertheless, you will need to hire a skilled HVAC contractor to help determine the best unit for your home.


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