Common Issues That Can Happen When Starting Up Your Air Conditioner

danvers central air conditioning repair services near meWhen the outside temperatures begin warming up, it is essential to be able to use a well-functioning air conditioner in your home. Even though your system may have worked well when you last used it, it is not unusual to discover issues when you turn it on for the new season. If it appears that your AC is not quite running cool enough, there may be one of many problems to blame.

It is best to call a professional to immediately evaluate the situation if you notice your AC acting up. When searching for “home A/C repair near me,” or “central air repair near me,” be sure to contact only the most reliable establishment in your area.

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Below are some of the most common issues consumers experience with their air conditioning systems when air conditioner troubleshooting:

Common Problems With Air Conditioners

Improper Operation

Although most people are familiar with their air conditioning systems and generally speaking, the majority of problems have nothing to do with the homeowner, operational errors do occur from time to time.


thermostatSetting your thermostat to a temperature that is too low or too high can cause the unit to shut itself on and off with abnormal frequency. This extra strain can result in a burned-out compressor or one that merely malfunctions, both of which can decrease the longevity of this vital part.

Keeping windows and doors opened, or closing vents are also actions that lead to an overworked compressor. However, if you catch the problem in time, it should be easy to fix. If, on the other hand, you do not immediately address the situation, it can lead to a malfunctioning unit that may wear out early.

Poor Maintenance

Substandard maintenance is another mistake that is often made by homeowners. Poor maintenance can lead to the unit breaking down or operating inefficiently.

Regular filter changing is essential. Otherwise, excessive dirt builds up in the system.

A dirty air conditioning unit can cause issues with your compressor and your condenser. An excess of dirt and debris in your AC system can also clog the condensate plate or drain. If this happens, a heating and cooling company must professionally clean the unit. The professional then assesses whether or not the clogged drain damaged the air conditioning unit. A clogged condensate plate or drain may also lead to a frozen coil, a short in the system, or a leak in the AC unit. Therefore, in addition to regularly changing the filter, you must also schedule professional tune-ups and cleanings at the start of every season. One of your area’s local air conditioning companies can complete this kind of service.

Installation And Service Errors

Even units that are well-maintained sometimes break down. Unfortunately, quite a few issues may trace back to improper installation by the HVAC company you hired to put in your new unit.

Incorrect AC Size

air conditioner condenserThe most common error or problem associated with HVAC installation has to do with the wrong size unit. There is no one-size-fits-all for an air conditioning system. Therefore, it is vital for your technician to understand the appropriate way to calculate the best size for your home. Many aspects must be taken into consideration when sizing a residential cooling system.

When the technician has determined the appropriate size, he or she can then install the unit. However, if it is too large or too small, it will fail to work efficiently, ultimately leading to the unit’s premature death.

Repairing Your HVAC System

Not only are some air conditioning units are incorrectly installed, but some are also incorrectly repaired when they break down. For instance, if there is a refrigerant leak, the unit must be recharged and repaired. If not, it will never work correctly again. Regardless of whether it only needs a charge or if it has a significant leak when refrigerant levels are low, the unit will malfunction.

Whenever you discover a problem with your AC, you should Google “air conditioning and heating repair near me,” to find a reliable and reputable HVAC establishment in your town. It is always wise to invest the time and effort to find a good company, rather than paying for poor quality work, the latter of which will cost you more in the long run. You certainly don’t want to pay for a mediocre repair service and a month later come home to discover that your air conditioner is not turning on.

Danvers Central Air Repair

Using certified technicians to maintain and install your air conditioning unit is essential. It is the best avenue through which to pinpoint problems and prevent common mistakes. Go to your favorite search engine and type in “air conditioner repair near me” to locate a trustworthy company that employs certified HVAC technicians who can come to your home.

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