Is A Zoned HVAC System Right For You?

ductless heating and coolingInstalling a ductless heat pump in your home has many benefits. These systems are energy efficient, versatile, easy to install, and unobtrusive. Therefore, a ductless heat pump has many advantages for every homeowner.

One of the most appealing features that a ductless heat pump offers is that it allows you to create zones. Each zone has an indoor unit with a corresponding thermostat. Therefore, it enables you to regulate the temperature in that zone according to your liking. You can turn off zones that are not in use. This aspect implies that you are not heating or cooling unused areas of your home which, in turn, dramatically helps to reduce your energy costs. If you are interested in a ductless heating and cooling system, call a trusted local HVAC technician to assist you.

Townsend Energy has a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable HVAC technicians that can provide you with the best heating and cooling solutions. We can inform you of the many ductless heat pump options to help you find the best make and model for your home. We can help you achieve the best home comfort while increasing efficiency and improving your indoor air quality. By using our knowledge and tools, such as a mini-split heat pump sizing calculator, we can help you choose the system that best suits your needs and budget.

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Ductless Heat Pump Danvers MA: Is A Zoned HVAC System Right For You?

Many are unaware of the benefits that come with a zoned HVAC system. In this article, we will discuss why a ductless mini-split system is advantageous over any other type of zoned heating and cooling system.

One System Provides Both Cooling And Heating

A ductless heat pump has two primary components: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit is commonly referred to as the air-handling unit. Whereas, the outdoor segment is also called a condenser. The ductless heat pump draws air from the outside, which is then conditioned to be either warm or cold. It passes via the conduit to the indoors.

Since a ductless system provides both heated and cooled air, you only have to worry about maintaining one unit. Homes that have conventional systems (an air conditioner and a furnace), require maintenance for each system and the associated costs that come with maintaining two units. Homeowners find the aspect of dealing with one system for all of their heating and cooling to be very appealing.

Zoned Heating And Cooling

A ductless system allows you to cool or heat various zones or rooms in your home. You can connect one condenser to eight air handling units. Each indoor unit has a thermostat of its own. Therefore, you can have eight zones in your home, each accommodating different thermal preferences.

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Efficient And Economical

energy efficientDuctless heat pumps cost significantly less to operate on a monthly basis than traditional HVAC systems. Therefore, by paying less on your energy costs, these systems pay for themselves quickly. The zones that is one of the primary features of these systems help increase your home’s energy-efficiency. For instance, as mentioned above, you can turn off the air handlers in specific zones or rooms that you are not using. Because you are using less energy, you become more cost-effective.

As with any HVAC system, you can further maximize your cost-effectiveness by making sure your home is adequately insulated. Furthermore, be sure to check your windows and doors. Make sure that there aren’t any holes or gaps where conditioned air can leak out. Your system will only work harder to compensate for a poorly insulated house and any leaked air. By properly insulating your home and sealing all the holes and gaps, you can help further reduce your energy bills.

High Indoor Air Quality

A ductless heat pump is an air system. It means that fresh air is always being drawn indoors, keeping the air in your home from becoming stale. Additionally, ductless systems have sophisticated air filters. The filter ensures that the indoor air quality remains healthy at all times. If you or any member of your family suffer from allergies, these systems can help remove dust, allergens and other indoor air pollutants that aggravate any respiratory issues.

Easy To Install

energy efficientA ductless system is easy to install since it does not require any ductwork. Installing ductwork is a significant construction project. It involves the teardown of the walls and ceilings. Consequently, it also consists of the reconstruction of these areas. For the duration of the project, the family has to live in a construction zone. Also, a project like this is quite costly in comparison to installing a ductless mini-split system. This installation could take several weeks. In normal circumstances, a ductless heat pump only takes half a day to install and does not involve the teardown of walls or ceilings.

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To find a system that works for you, go online and read some ductless heat pump reviews. This way, you an idea of what ductless systems are available. Many manufacturers have mini-split heat pumps for sale. Therefore, doing some homework will give you an idea of the different models and the associated ductless heat pump cost. However, your best bet is to consult with a reputable HVAC company in your area that specializes in ductless heat pump installations.

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