Emergency Preparedness: How A Generator Can Keep You Safe And Protected

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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA, only about 39% of American adults have an emergency plan. This is cause for concern because about 80% of Americans reside in locations that experience disasters caused by severe weather.

Experts agree that being prepared in case of any emergency is critical. Doing so ensures survival and minimizes the risk of injury. Easily the first step to prepare for an emergency is to ensure that the home is safe and comfortable. One of the best emergency preparation tips that you can follow is to install a whole-house generator in your home.

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Emergency Preparation Tips: How A Standby Generator Can Help

Power outages are fairly common during an emergency. Power is often cut off due to damage to the grid. Sometimes, it is deliberately cut off to prevent electrical accidents and injuries. In some cases, power outages can last for extended periods. This severely curtails our ability to function normally and negatively impacts our comfort. A standby generator can provide the power necessary to support several requirements necessary for safety and survival. In this article, we discuss several of the advantages that come with having a standby generator during an emergency.

Provide Power During Extreme Weather

Weather disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and ice storms often bring flooding and prolonged power outages. Without backup power, the residents of a building will have no access to light, heating, or air conditioning. There would be no way to power lights and appliances. You will also have no source of power for essential gadgets such as phones and computers. In an emergency, this can present many challenges. There would be no way to heat food or ensure reliable communication. Homes that rely on electric-powered security may also be left vulnerable during prolonged power outages without access to a standby generator.

Provide Power For Medical Equipment

Homes and facilities where the use of electric-powered medical equipment is necessary will benefit immensely from a standby generator. Many types of medical devices that assist in breathing, pain management, monitoring of one’s vitals, and the like need a power source to work. Should a prolonged power outage occur, the health condition of the people who require support from these devices could be compromised. Having a source of power from a whole house generator will keep these devices going. This ensures that the patient has the medical support he/she needs.

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Provide Power For Work-Related Activities

Since many homes have Internet access, people can conveniently work from home. A power outage eliminates access to the Internet since modems and routers run on electrical power. With a backup or whole house generator, there is always a reliable source of power for computers, printers, and other accessories that make working from home possible. A power outage does not have to eliminate your convenience and access to facilities that allow you to do your job.

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Keep Food Preserved

A whole house generator can keep large appliances such as chillers, refrigerators, and freezers going. Without access to power, prolonged outages could cause perishable food such as meat, fish, poultry, dairy, vegetables, and fruits to go bad. The last thing anyone would want to happen is to run out of food to eat because their supplies could not be preserved. A home that can run on a generator when supply from the grid is unreliable will be assured that food will be available, and it will be safe to eat.

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Use Of HVAC System

Whole house generators provide enough power supply to allow you to run your HVAC system. During an emergency, when there is a severe lack of support services, including electricity, your HVAC system will still be able to provide warmth or cooling comfort, depending on weather conditions. An operational HVAC system not only provides you with a comfortable indoor environment, but it also cleans your indoor air via the air filters. Therefore, by running the HVAC system during a power outage, you can keep the level of indoor pollutants low. Furthermore, if it is the peak of the summer or winter, having a functional HVAC system is crucial for your safety during these extreme weather conditions.

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Keep Your Home And Environment Safe

A backup or whole house generator can provide warmth and illumination during an emergency. You can keep lights on and appliances running with an uninterrupted power supply. Since the generator connects to the electrical system of the house, you can turn it on and use it until your home receives a steady source of power from the grid. As such, a standby generator can protect the home from dangerous power surges and voltage fluctuations that frequently occur during emergencies.


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