Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Home While On Vacation

energy tips while you are vacationingThe mere thought of a vacation can conjure up images of your time away from the humdrum of daily routine. It is fun and exciting to plan a holiday. There are numerous details that you are likely to put down on your to-do list. You may focus on your choice of destination, the season and the clothing that you will pack for your getaway.

On your calendar, you will probably note the date when you will set off for your vacation. You may even countdown the days left to your holiday. However, you also need to look at the little details you will need to attend to. For example, you want your home to be as energy efficient as possible while you are away.

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Useful Energy Tips While On Vacation

In this article, we will discuss some energy-saving tips so that you can effectively reduce your energy costs while you are away from home.

Your energy bills take up a large chunk of your monthly budget. You can bring down the costs when you are on vacation. There are those who think that because they will not be home turning on gadgets, using the HVAC system, the energy usage will automatically go down. This thought is true to a large extent. However, there is a lot more that you can do to make your home energy efficient while you are away.

How To Heat Or Cool Your Home While On Vacation

ACWhen you are away from home, you do not need to have the central air conditioner running at its normal temperature. In the summer season, you can turn off the thermostat.

In the winter, you will not want to shut off your heating system completely. Instead, you can set it to about 50 degrees. Doing so will ensure that the pipes and appliances do not freeze.

If you have an automatic thermostat, you can program it to ensure that the home is warm and comfortable on the day you get back from vacation. Ensure that all the curtain and blinds in your home are closed. Doing so will ensure that minimal heat is gained in the summer, and lost in the winter.

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Don’t Forget To Adjust Your Water Heater

water heaterMost people tend to forget to turn off the water heater when they leave home on vacation. If it is winter, it may be a good idea to set the water heater to its lowest setting. In the summer, turn off the gas valve or shut the circuit breaker to turn off the water heater. When you come back from your vacation,  allow the water to run for a while to ensure that there is water in the tank and pipes before you turn the water heater on.
These simple, yet critical energy efficiency tips can help keep down the energy usage in your home when you are away on holiday. The savings would be like the icing on your cake and would be well appreciated when you receive your next energy bill.

What To Do With Electric Appliances And Gadgets

The refrigerator uses up a lot of electricity, and if you are going to be away from home for several weeks, it would be wise to empty the fridge, clean it and leave the door open until it is completely dry. Placing a pack of baking soda in the refrigerator will deal with any moisture inside it and prevent the growth of mold. Alternately if you are going to be away only for a few days, clear the fridge of all perishables and set the temperature to about 40 degrees, and the freezer to 5 degrees.

Even when appliances and gadgets are switched off, they continue to use some amount of electricity. To ensure that they do not use any power,  you need to unplug them. The best way to do this is to go room by room through the house and unplug every gadget and appliance.
The gaming console, computer, and television are some gadgets people use before they leave home and may forget to unplug.

By unplugging appliances, you also keep them and the home safe from a power surge that could set off a fire. Finally, instead of leaving a few lights on to make your home look occupied, you should invest in an automatic light timer.



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