Fuel Pricing Volatility In Spring 2022

price volatility

The effects of the current world events are placing an extreme strain on our economy. The unprecedented increases in energy prices are having ripple effects across our daily lives, including driving our cars and heating our homes and businesses.

With the geopolitical events having no real end in sight, and the cost of goods continuing to rise, I wanted to reach out to you directly. As a local family business, we feel a real connection to our customers, and in times like these, we want you to know we are in this together.

Townsend Energy is subject to the same dramatically rising prices that our customers are experiencing. Although we can’t control how world events are impacting your cost of energy, we can commit that you will receive uninterrupted delivery service, and continued customer service support from us. Please know we are doing everything we can to manage the cost of your oil and propane, without compromising quality, service, or the trust you place in us.

Should you have trouble paying your bills, do not hesitate to call to discuss your payment options. We are available 24/7 at 800-888-2888 or click here to send us a message.

Additionally, please know that there are a few ways you can manage and protect yourself from rising energy costs.

Conserve Energy

Conservation can help to reduce fuel costs. Setting back thermostats when rooms are unoccupied, moderating hot water usage and sealing off any air infiltration are just a few examples of effective conservation actions.

Sign Up for PurePay

Townsend Energy’s PurePay Program allows you to budget your propane and heating oil payments over one calendar year, even though 80% of your fuel usage occurs between November – March. This is a much more affordable and convenient way to manage energy costs. Click here to learn more.

High-Efficiency Equipment

Today’s heating and air conditioning equipment is very high in efficiency and will provide you with significant energy cost savings. We have many financing plans that can allow you to improve your comfort and system efficiency with a manageable payment plan. Call us for more information.

Jim Townsend HeadshotWarmest regards,

Jim Townsend