Considerations When Buying A New Heating System

home heating solutionsWinter is only around the corner. When cold weather hits, your home’s heating system becomes the most important equipment you have around.

If you know that your furnace is nearing its end, it is crucial that you make a plan regarding a new furnace purchase.

Take time to find out about the various models and makes that are available. Not every heating system will provide you with the same features. It is vital to find one that meets your needs the most. For example, you should consider factors like the efficiency and size when you invest in a new heater.

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Furnace Replacement Danvers MA: Considerations To Make When Buying A Furnace

Ensure that your family will be comfortable for years to come. Find an adequate heating system that will help make it possible to save on energy costs. In this article, we will discuss vital matters when it comes to purchasing a furnace.

Furnace Efficiency and Heater Replacement

high efficiency heating systemOne of the main things you should look out for is the efficiency of the furnace.

Find the most efficient one you can afford to buy. The measure for efficiency is noted with the use of the Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. This rating shows the amount of propane, electricity, natural gas, or oil the furnace can change into usable heat every year in your home.

The minimum AFUE rating now for furnaces is 78. The top level of efficiency is marked by 95 AFUE and above. When this rating is higher, it implies that the furnace is more efficient. The cost to buy such a furnace is more expensive. However, you will have lower energy bills, which makes this a worthy investment.

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Energy Sources Of Heating System In Danvers MA

furnaceHere are three options you can use for powering your furnace.

Electric Furnaces For Residential Heating

This type of furnace is recommended the least. Because of the fact that coal-generated electricity has a higher cost, the bill you get each month will be quite high. Most homeowners who go for this option, do so when they do not have the choice to use natural gas or other heating fuels.

Heating Fuels: Propane And Fuel Oil Heat

These systems require that you have more space available. This is because tanks are needed for this type of heat source. It is ideal for people who do not have a gas line for their home.

Natural Gas Heaters & Furnaces

Furnaces that use natural gas are economical. This cost to purchase a natural gas heater or gas furnace replacement is higher than you would have to pay for another type of system, but the natural gas heating unit is very affordable to operate. This is a better option if you live in an area that has long winters and access to natural gas lines.

Sizes Of Residential Heating Systems

How do you figure out what size furnace you will need?

It is crucial to get a heating system that is not too small or too large. If you have one that is not the right size, it can lead to your heating system straining and even a premature breakdown. Ask that an HVAC contractor perform a Manual J for your house prior to making a heater purchase as a first step. This way,  you know the reality of your home’s heating situation.

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Furnace Installation Expenses In Danvers MA

heating system installationYour furnace unit itself makes up a large portion of the installation cost. This would be included in the overall price of the installation. Other costs include labor, unit size, and any additional adjustments that are necessary for the air distribution system, among other things. It can be a hassle to think about all of this, yet it makes all the difference.

Make furnace costs a part of your investment in your home. You can lose out on efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality, when you do not think carefully about your options. You must consider the installation cost to be a worthy investment to make for years to come. It certainly will have a big impact on your home and life. Also, it helps increase your property value.

Cost Incentives and Manufacturer Rebates

High-efficiency systems will give you more perks than just savings on your energy bills.

You may qualify for local incentives and utility rebates, depending on the furnace you buy. Reach out to a local HVAC specialist and utility company to discuss incentives and rebates for your area, including if your new furnace will qualify.



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