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How Your Home Heating Oil System Works

fuel oil delivery service to danvers ma homeThere are two, common types of oil heating systems. These are water systems and warm air systems. Much like the name “warm air system” implies,  a network of ducts disperses the hot air that passes through your vents to warm your home up. As the warm air cycles through these vents, the heater draws in cold air to start the entire heating cycle again.

There are two categories of hydronic heating oil systems: hot water systems and steam systems. Water-based systems heat water in a steel or cast iron boiler. The boiler disperses the hot water throughout the home in either a liquid or gas form. If your home heating system has a steam system, this means that the steam moves to the radiators via a system of pipes. Hot water systems, however, send heat via hot water to either baseboard heaters or radiators. In this article, we will discuss different types of heating oil systems.

The Primary Components Of A Home Heating Oil System

The Heating Oil Tank

heating oil tankA fuel oil tank’s location is either below or above the ground. Some homes may even have the fuel oil tank indoors. Some tanks are located outdoors. It is essential to replace oil tanks when necessary to prevent problems with leaks.

Moreover, you should always order…

high-quality fuel oil when you schedule a home heating oil delivery. High-quality fuel oil has fewer impurities. Impurities in oil are one of the primary reasons for the build-up of sludge in tanks.


When you use your heating system, heating oil flows from the tank to the burner. The heater atomizes the fuel oil as it mixes with the oxygen that it extracts from the air. This process is necessary so that combustion can occur at the interior of the combustion chamber.

Heat Exchangers

Once ignition occurs inside of the burner, the flames warm the metal tubes that make up the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger serves as a very efficient conductor of heat. It remains hot for an extended length of time. During a heating cycle, the return duct delivers air to the heat exchanger. There, the heat exchanger warms up the air and then cycles it back to the home via a blower.


The blower within your heating system disburses heated air throughout your home through your ductwork.


Carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases are all byproducts of combustion and it occurs with every heating fuel. Your oil heating system has a flue pipe that releases these byproducts outside of the building. This release is necessary for safe and healthy indoor air quality. Notwithstanding, it is still a good idea to have carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

As a general rule, oil systems provide signals whenever things are awry. They do this long before carbon monoxide becomes an issue. Having CO detectors, however, remains the safest choice. Every home, irrespective of the fuel type that their heater uses, should have CO detectors. Therefore, CO detectors are essential for every home.

Heating System Maintenance

For optimum benefits, it is essential to keep your home heating system in excellent condition.

Maintenance will make your system last longer and perform energy efficiently. Hire a trusted HVAC service technician to perform yearly tune-ups. A tune-up is a great form of prevention.



Heating Oil Delivery In Danvers MA

Fuel oil heating systems are typically air or water systems. These systems disburse heat throughout buildings via vents, pipes or ductwork. The main components of an oil-fired heating system are the burners, the fuel storage tank, the blower, the heat exchanger, and the flue. Homes should have carbon monoxide detectors for the sake of assured safety.

Schedule yearly maintenance on your home heating system. Maintenance will extend its lifespan and improve its overall performance. When scheduling a fuel oil delivery near me, look for the best local fuel oil prices, but also make sure to find a reputable and reliable dealer.

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