You Ran Out Of Heating Oil – Now What?

home heating solutionsBetween mowing the lawn, fixing that leaky faucet, and changing the furnace filter every month, a homeowner’s work is never done. It seems that for every task you complete, another one gets added to your ‘honey do’ list. When people say that home ownership is a lot of work, they aren’t kidding!

One aspect of owning a home that uses heating oil is the need to fill your tank when it gets low. When your tank is about 25-30% full, it is time to schedule a home heating oil delivery.

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Heating Oil Delivery Georgetown MA: Will Running Out Of Oil Damage My Furnace?

Heating oil is one of the many things you need to keep an eye on.

Is it running low? Is it going to run out? What happens if it does run out? Take a deep breath. This issue is one of the easier household chores to handle.

Luckily, you are not the first person to run out. Accidentally running out of oil does not do any damage to your furnace. However, it is better to keep it topped off as much as possible. This simple step would prevent you from running out in the first place.

What Happens To My Oil Furnace When I Run Out Of Fuel?

oil furnaceSo, what does happen when you run out?

It is similar to when your car runs out of gas. It just stops working. Essentially, cars will stop moving, and furnaces will stop heating the air in your home. The flame, or pilot light, will not have any fuel and it will go out. It will need to be re-lit when you add more heating oil to your system. Having a topped off tank or, at least, a consistent delivery schedule will prevent this inconvenience.

Running out of heating oil could leave you vulnerable, particularly if you suffer from poor health. The elderly and young children are more susceptible than others. With winter approaching and extreme temperatures on the rise, it can be a real danger. And, of course, heating oil always runs out at the worst possible time, like in the middle of a snowstorm. Also, you do not want to deal with the issue that comes with frozen pipes due to a cold house!

HVAC Services Needed: Furnace Filter Replacement & Bleeding The Line

HVAC technicianWhile you should be concerned with extreme cold and the effects of running out of heating oil on both your health and overall comfort level, you do not have to worry about your furnace. The lack of fuel does not damage your heater.
When you call an HVAC and heating oil delivery company, they will need to check your heating oil levels and your furnace filter.

A dirty filter wreaks havoc on the efficiency of your furnace. It should be replaced monthly for maximum efficiency. You can also get a reusable filter that merely needs to be rinsed off each month before being reinstalled.

Running out of oil also requires the technician to both reset the furnace and to bleed the line. This is a simple process but is a necessary step in re-starting many furnaces and boiler systems. Bleeding the line is vital as it ensures that running out of oil does not damage your heater.

When you run out of fuel, the sediment from the bottom of your tank gets into your fuel line. You do not want this sediment to get to your heating system, as it can cause damage. Bleeding the line also removes any air that is trapped.

While you will need a service call, the cost will be minimal as it is a quick appointment. Re-lighting a pilot light and bleeding the lines are both quick and easy processes.

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When Is The Best Time To Schedule A Heating Oil Delivery?

empty heating oil tankTo avoid the need for an emergency service call to begin with, keep your home heating oil tank topped off.

At the very least, you should schedule a heating oil delivery as soon as it is a quarter to thirty percent full. You can even keep a spare bottle of oil on hand should your delivery be delayed at all, especially during the peak of the season. Better yet, call and get your house set up on an automatic home heating oil delivery schedule so you never run out of oil again.
If you are too late, rest assured, your technician will take care of any problems that arise due to lack of oil in your tank.

Many homeowners do not know where to find a reputable oil supplier that they can count on. You can find the best home heating oil delivery companies in your area by searching for “home heating oil delivery near me” or “home heating oil companies near me”. Be sure to do a little homework. Read their reviews to see what other customers have to say about them. Check out their website. It should be professional and informative. When it comes to your home heating needs, you only want to work with the best. After all, your comfort, safety, and energy costs all depend on it!

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In conclusion, to avoid running out of heating oil in the depths of winter, keep your tank topped off, be vigilant in checking your heating oil levels, and know your options for home heating oil delivery in your area. Townsend Energy is always available to help.

If you need a reliable and quick home heating oil delivery, Townsend Energy is here to help.

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Townsend Energy also offers a full line of HVAC services. If you run out of fuel, we can get your heating system up and running once again. We also offer maintenance, repairs, and installations. Our HVAC services ensure that your furnace or boiler runs efficiently and can provide the comfort that you require during the winter. Our friendly office staff is always available to answer your home heating questions.

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