2 Reasons You Should Order Your Heating Oil Now

heating oil deliveryWhen temperatures remain high during the summer months, the last thing a homeowner thinks about is buying heating oil. It’s summer, and the heat can be stifling on some days. Many think about cranking up the air conditioner to cool things down. The truth is that summer is the best time to stock up on your heating oil supply.

Why You Should Schedule A Heating Oil Delivery Marblehead MA

Here are two reasons why you should get in touch with your supplier today and schedule a heating oil delivery.

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1. Fast Heating Oil Deliveries

Many homeowners do not choose the warm months to call their heating oil supplier because they are likely busy with other concerns. As such, they fail to take advantage of the months during which heating oil suppliers are not as active for deliveries. Having your heating oil scheduled months earlier will assure you of fast service simply because suppliers have very few customers to cater to. As a result, you receive their undivided attention immediately.

During the peak months (fall and winter), your supplier may not be as prompt as you would like them to be. Although heating oil suppliers do their best to meet their customers’ demands, certain limitations in their transport and simple logistics often get in the way. If you want prompt, immediate service, why not try ordering your heating oil earlier than usual? As such, you can avoid the waitlist and enjoy fast service.

2. Low Heating Oil Prices

home heating costsThe reason why heating oil prices are lower during off-peak months is simple: demand. Heating oil is a type of commodity that is traded based on futures. The whole point of the transaction is that traders decide on whether to sell or purchase oil based on the expected future demand for the commodity compared to the amount of current reserves and the anticipated production. True, the prediction of future demand is not an exact science, but it is a factor weighed carefully and interpreted by traders.

However, it is safe to presume that heating oil demand will rise during the cold months. This has happened before and is expected to happen again. The increase in demand plus the condition of the reserves at the time of the increase will affect whether prices will rise or remain stable. However, it is almost always a guarantee that prices tend to be lower during the months when there is little to no demand for heating oil. This is, of course, as long as supplies in the world market remain stable.

So what does this mean for you the homeowner? Savings. If you take advantage of the low prices during the off-peak months, you could save a good amount of money to get your tank filled. You could actually try to monitor the prices yourself by calling several suppliers. Ask how much each gallon of heating oil costs then compare the prices over several months. Chances are you will see fluctuations. It is likely you will find prices begin climbing as we approach fall and winter. By filling your heating oil tank now, you not only save money but ensure that you will have a good supply of heating oil for your use when you need it most.

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Why Being Prepared For The Harsh Winter Matters

Nothing in life is certain, and that includes conveniences such as heating oil to fuel your furnace. Although supplies of heating oil have been steady for many years, there is no telling when and where a dip in the supply could occur. Many factors can disrupt the supply in the blink of an eye. By preparing ahead of the winter, you avoid the inconvenience and assure yourself and members of your household safety and comfort in the months to come.

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