The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide

CO leak and furnace repairWhen it starts to get cold, like many homeowners, you turn on your heating system. As long as you turn up the heater and the house gets warm, there is nothing to worry about.

Heating systems are one of those appliances that most people take for granted. You expect that it will always be working and that it is operating safely.

The unfortunate truth is that all heating systems pose certain dangers. Improper ventilation can result in a carbon monoxide leak. This gas is odorless and colorless and can be deadly to anyone who is exposed to it for long periods.

Below, you will learn a few of the most common causes of a carbon dioxide leak. You will also learn a few tips to keep a leak from occurring in your home. It is essential that you know about the risks of carbon monoxide, especially during the winter months.

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Heating System Repair Beverly MA: The Effects Of Carbon Monoxide From Your Furnace

Most people understand that carbon monoxide is a deadly gas; however, some don’t know exactly how harmful it is. About 20,000 in the U.S. each year end up in the emergency room after being exposed to carbon monoxide. Of these people, about 400 die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Sadly, most of these deaths could have been avoided if the proper precautions had been taken.
The reason that carbon monoxide is so dangerous is that there are no symptoms early on. The gas has no odor, no color, and no taste. Most people don’t even know that they have been exposed until it is too late. If a person notices that there is a leak in their home, they should get to the emergency room immediately to be sure that their level of exposure wasn’t too serious.

How To Prevent A Heating System Carbon Monoxide Leak

HVAC contractor and heating systemCarbon monoxide poisoning can be avoided if the proper precautions are taken. The best way to prevent a leak is to have your furnace or boiler maintained every year. When the system is tuned up, any issues will be caught early, which can reduce the chance of a carbon monoxide leak.

Carbon monoxide leaks can occur in a heating system when certain things happen:

  • A crack in the combustion chamber
  • If the exhaust piping is compromised
  • If the combustion process isn’t functioning properly
  • Older systems are more likely to develop a leak than newer systems are,  due to wear and tear over time.

Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up For Improved Operation

When you have your heating system checked each year, issues can be repaired before they become serious. It doesn’t take long for a tune-up, and if there are issues, they can be handled before they can result in a deadly carbon monoxide leak. With all types of machinery, the bigger the repair, the higher the cost. Not only does a tune-up ensure your safety, but it will also ensure that your furnace is running correctly and efficiently all season long.

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Get CO Detectors And Install Them Around The House

carbon monoxide detectorThere is more to do than having your heating system tuned up to ensure the safety of everyone in your home. You should also have properly functioning carbon monoxide detectors in the house. They can save your life. They are especially important if you live in cold climates where you need to use your heat more often.

If there is a leak, the carbon monoxide detector will alert you. If there are small amounts in the home, it can be deadly if you are exposed to it for a long time. To avoid this, you should put multiple detectors in your home. You should have at least one on every floor of the home and one right by the heating system. Fortunately, they aren’t expensive.

If your detector alerts to a carbon monoxide leak, you should get out of the house immediately. Next, you should call 911. First responders will need to find the source of the leak and the EMT’s will need to check out everyone that was in the home to make sure that they haven’t become ill due to the exposure.


Final Thoughts

Heating systems work hard all season. However, by using these systems, there is a risk of a carbon monoxide leak, primarily if the system has not been correctly maintained. Scheduling a tune-up for your system doesn’t cost much money, and it can save the lives of you and your family.

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