Shocking Myths About Home Heating

high home-heating costs Winters can be cold and long, which is an indication that homeowners will have to spend a lot of money heating their homes throughout the season. As some winters are more extended and harsher than others, there could be inflation in heating costs. As such, homeowners typically look for methods of saving money on heating. Unfortunately, this quest to save on home heating costs has resulted in many home heating myths homeowners should be aware of.

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Home Heating Myths That Might Cost You Money

While many of these myths appear to be believable, they are counterproductive and illogical. Outlined below is a listing of the most common myths that could surprise you:

Myth 1: Duct Tape Is Ideal For Sealing Ducts

Even though the belief that duct tape is an ideal solution for sealing ducts, the truth is that regular duct tape tends to get loose and could fall off easily. You should use duct tape only as a temporary means of sealing ducts. As such, you should not consider it as a long-lasting solution. For duct leaks, it is crucial to hire a reputable HVAC technician to handle the issue.

Myth 2: Energy-Efficient Windows Will Allow You To Save Money

how to make your home more energy-efficientIt is a fact that you could save money by using modern energy-saving windows as they reduce energy losses. Eventually, the savings credited to these types of windows can be substantial. Unfortunately, the cost of purchasing these windows and installing them is typically quite excessive. It could take decades for the purchase and installation costs to offset the energy savings, which makes no sense. As such, installing energy saving windows as a means of saving money is a myth.

Myth 3: You Can Save Money By Installing Programmable Thermostats

Using a programmable thermostat could assist you in saving money. However, many individuals typically install these devices but improperly program them. If you misuse a programmable thermostat, heating costs may increase. What can save money is the correct programming and use of these thermostats. Merely installing the devices will not save any money.

Myth 4: A Fireplace Can Save You Money & Keep Your Family Warm And Cozy

There is no doubt that the light and smell emanating from a fireplace can provide your home with boosted ambiance and improve its comfort level. However, you will have to open the flue to discharge exhaust gases. As such, heated air that comes from the heating system in your home is also lost through the flue. This type of situation indicates that the heater needs to work harder to keep the home warm and comfy, costing you more.

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Myth 5: Heating The Whole House Will Prevent The Water Pipes From Freezing

frozen plumbing pipesFrozen pipes could swell and burst, resulting in a severe water leak. On top of that, it will prevent access to water at other outlets around the home. A heating myth that many believe claims that keeping the heater running all the time can prevent your pipes from becoming frozen. An effective method to prevent frozen pipes without bloating your heating cost is you should turn off the water supply from the meter. Also, you can open many faucets around the home. Running water does not freeze as easily.

Myth 6: Your Home Can Be Heated Fast By Cranking Up The Thermostat

When you crank the thermostat up, the heater will not heat your home any quicker. It will continue functioning as usual. As such, the concept that cranking it up will result in quicker heating is purely a myth all homeowners should be aware of.

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