How To Identify If Your Air Conditioner Uses R-22

r22 refrigerantIs your air conditioning system obsolete? R22 refrigerant was illegal for importation or production after December 31, 2019. If your AC system uses R22 and needs a refrigerant charge this year, the cost will be exorbitant. Continue reading to learn more about the R22 phase out and to learn how to determine if your AC equipment runs on R22.

Using obsolete air conditioning equipment in your home or business is never recommended. Old air conditioners have high energy consumption, exorbitant repair costs, and poor performance.

Furthermore, old air conditioners that still use R-22 refrigerant are extremely expensive to repair should a coolant leak occur. For instance, if you are faced with a coolant leak, you will need to make a decision about whether or not you want to repair or replace your cooling system.

Due to the government phaseout, the supply and demand of this coolant have made R22 refrigerant incredibly costly. A recharge may cost you half as much (or more) as the cost of upgrading to a new, energy-efficient air conditioner. To save money, therefore, HVAC experts recommended you replace your unit.

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What You Should Do To Determine Your Cooling Options

The first step is to find out whether or not your air conditioner uses R22 refrigerant. If your unit was manufactured past 2010, you may have more economically wise repair options available. Manufacturers, after this date, incorporated R-410a, or Puron, as an alternative. Units that were manufactured before the year 2010, generally used R22 refrigerant. To determine what is the best decision for you and your family, you will need to know what type of refrigerant your system utilizes.

However, it is important to note that even if your air conditioner is old but seems to perform decently, you will need to prepare for what is imminent. Therefore, it is best to start saving now for an air conditioner replacement.

In this article, we will discuss some methods that you can use to determine what type of refrigerant your current air conditioning system uses. Also, we will cover some vital information on the R-22 phaseout.

How To Know Your Air Conditioner Uses R22 Refrigerant In Massachusetts And New Hampshire

1. Check The Date Of Manufacture On Your Air Conditioning System

air conditionerThe easiest way of determining if your AC unit uses R-22 refrigerant is to check the date of manufacture. Simply check the data plate on the condenser unit or air handler of your air conditioner. If your unit was manufactured before 1996, it uses R-22 refrigerant. If it was manufactured between 1996 and 2009, it could either be using either R-22 or R-410A, so you will have to carry out further research. AC units that are manufactured after 2010 will use R-410a refrigerant.

2. Check The Date Of Your Air Conditioner Installation

The date of installation of your unit can help you determine whether your unit uses R-22 or R-401A. According to EPA regulations on R-22 phaseout, it was illegal to install an AC unit that uses R-22 from 2010 onwards. If your unit was installed in the year 2010 or later, it most likely does not use R-22.

3. Check AC Manufacturer Specifications

Air conditioner manufacturers usually indicate the type of refrigerant a unit uses. The nameplate on the condenser unit usually has this information. To find out if your unit uses R-22 or R-401A, therefore, be sure to check the nameplate. There are also certification stickers on most AC units indicating that the AC is R-22 free. Be sure to look for this information to know if your unit uses R-22.

4. Contact The Manufacturer Of Your Specific Air Conditioner

If you cannot find the nameplate, or the information is not clear, consider calling the manufacturer of your air conditioning equipment. The customer service staff will tell you whether or not your unit uses R-22. However, you will need to provide them with information about the make and model of your unit.

5. Ask Your HVAC Contractor In Massachusetts And New Hampshire

It is always a good idea to have your air conditioner tuned up every year. When your HVAC provider comes to service your cooling system, be sure to ask them if your air conditioner uses R-22 refrigerant. Certified technicians know how to inspect a unit and determine whether or not it uses R-22 gas or a different refrigerant. In addition to that, they know all the makes and models of air conditioners that use R-22 refrigerant.

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R-22 Refrigerant Phaseout: What You Need To Know

Over the years, the EPA has slowly been phasing out R-22 from the market. While it is not illegal to use an air conditioner that uses R-22, it can be costly. It is illegal for manufacturers to make R-22, creating a shortage of supply. As a result, R-22 prices have gone through the roof. Currently, recharging a medium-sized AC unit with R-22 may cost you nearly half the purchase price of a modern energy-efficient air conditioner.

What Options Are Available For Homeowners In Massachusetts And New Hampshire?

HVAC technicianThe best option for homeowners with air conditioners that run on R-22 is to replace the unit. For starters, only old units use R-22. Since old units are inefficient, break down frequently, and perform poorly, you should consider replacing your old air conditioner with a state-of-the-art unit.

Secondly, the cost of recharging the unit when there is a leak is incredibly high. To save money, therefore, you should consider replacing the R-22 air conditioner with an energy-efficient unit. You will save money on both repair costs and high energy bills. Be sure to call a competent HVAC contractor in your area to do the replacement.

The good news is that most HVAC companies normally offer to finance with good credit. If you do not have the cash to pay for the installation, be sure to hire a company that offers affordable financing or convenient payment plans.

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