Protect Your Danvers Home With A Whole House Generator

power outageIt is not surprising that whole-house generators for Danvers, MA homes are in high demand when spring arrives. This is because power outages are common in this area, as well as in the surrounding towns. Because of adverse weather conditions, such outages often last for a full day or more. Make sure you contact Townsend Energy when in need of a standby generator. We specialize in repair, maintenance, and installation of such systems.

Townsend Energy does not only sell and install whole house generators, we also provide a full range of services to increase your home comfort.

These include HVAC services and fuel delivery. For example, when your air conditioner or heater needs a repair or tune-up, you can call us for prompt and efficient service. Need heating oil? Our heating oil is of high-quality and our deliveries are fast. We also offer free second opinions and free quotes on various types of work you may need for your home. Call today to start enjoying our affordable home comfort services.

The Benefits Of A Standby Generator For Your Home This Spring

Danvers MA whole-house generator at residential homeHomeowners have come to heavily rely on electricity. This aspect has made electrical power a vitally important part of life. Because most homes are primarily powered by electricity, almost every device becomes useless when an outage occurs. For this reason, homeowners appreciate purchasing a standby generator.

Numerous property owners who own generators live in areas where power outages typically last for more than just a few hours. This is why it does not take long for them to realize the advantages of having a whole house generator.

In areas where severe weather is commonplace, power interruptions frequently occur. Because a significant amount of stress comes with a blackout, having a backup power option can substantially reduce your anxiety during such an event. Spring is the ideal time to give thought to investing in a high-quality standby generator that has the capability to power your home for several days. Below are some of the benefits homeowners enjoy after investing in such a unit:

Minimized Damage

benefits of a generator for your homeHomeowners can experience significant loss during extended power outages.

For example, essentially all refrigerators work on electricity. Therefore, a considerable number of items may spoil or become inedible without a working refrigerator. If you are like most people, you stock groceries for more than just a day. Consequently, if a lengthy power outage takes place, you may lose hundreds of dollars of food.

In addition, if the power loss occurs during winter, there are numerous risks that can occur. For example, the proliferation of mold, property damage, and a flooded basement may all occur if pipes freeze and burst. Extended power failure can also inhibit the action of a sump pump, leading to similar flooding issues with water. Problems of this kind are quite costly to fix, but you can avoid such damage if you invest in a standby generator.

Safety Guarantees

generac standby generatorsMost security systems have batteries for use as a backup, should the primary power supply fail. However, the batteries will eventually go dead. If the power is out for an extended length of time, the alarm system may stop working, thus leaving your home in a vulnerable state. After dark, any dwelling without proper protection becomes an easy target. Homes with Generac generators are much safer, as the security system remains intact no matter how long the power outage lasts.

In addition, storms and other natural disasters sometimes cause power surges or voltage fluctuations.

These can lead to electrical fires or, in extreme cases, electrocution. With a standby whole house generator, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing all the occupants of your home are safe.

Maintain Basic Comforts

Fortunately, when a professional install a generator in your home, it immediately kicks on if a power failure occurs. This allows everyone in your home to continue with their normal activities as if nothing had happened. For instance, members of the household can still go online, listen to the radio, or watch their favorite TV shows even if a winter storm knocks out the power. This is a particularly good benefit for those who work at home, as a power failure that affects the Internet would otherwise severely interrupt their work schedule. Additionally, the cooling and heating system in your home will keep working as required. This means that no one will be uncomfortable due to excessively hot or cold temperatures within the home.

Additional Considerations

Power outages are costly.

These costs include paying for a motel, losing income if certain family members work from home, replacing damaged appliances, repairing broken pipes, and many other miscellaneous costs. A standby generator offsets expenses and prevents damage by maintaining the home’s power supply. Additionally, most homeowners can afford such a unit, as financing options are available for various types of generators.


Standby Generators Danvers MA

Call Townsend Energy when you question “How big of a generator do I need?”,  and someone will be able to assist you. However, the installation of a whole house generator is not a good do-it-yourself project, as only a professional is qualified to handle such a job.

You can trust our professionals to offer you exemplary service and the most affordable standby generator installation cost. Contact our office today to obtain a free estimate. Our home comfort specialists are standing by to respond to any concerns or questions you may have and to offer expert advice.

Townsend Energy stands by Generac Generators. These manufacturers build the best standby generators that perform well and are reliable. For an estimate, call us today to determine your standby generator sizing that will meet your power requirements.


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