Best Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace

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Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace

Lack of proper furnace maintenance will cause the appliance to function at less than optimal levels. An inefficient heating system is the most significant cause of high energy bills. With the high cost of fuel, a homeowner cannot afford to keep heating the home with an inefficient furnace. Apart from that, a heater that does not receive the care it deserves will have a shorter lifespan than recommended. Therefore, a homeowner would have to get a replacement sooner than expected. Furnace maintenance also minimizes the frequency of furnace repair services, allowing the user to get more value for money.

HVAC experts can provide comprehensive servicing. However, a homeowner can do a few things to ensure that the heating unit is functioning as required. In this article, we will discuss a few maintenance tasks that homeowners should be aware of.

Correct Use

thermostat settingTaking good care of a furnace begins with using it as you are supposed to use it.

Some of the repairs that most technicians encounter come as a result of incorrect use. For instance, improper setting of the thermostat will affect the heating efficiency in a room.

A homeowner should be familiar with all the settings provided in a furnace and use them accordingly. He or she must know the right temperature settings at different times of the day to guarantee optimal heating.

Clean Vents And Ductwork

The heating process requires air to flow in and out of the unit, which means it has to pass through the air ducts in the house. If the vents and ducts have accumulated dust, they will restrict the amount of air and consequently, the heating of a home.

When the heating season comes around, a homeowner should check the ductwork to ensure it is clean. Furthermore, make sure that you do not block vents with furniture, curtains, or other objects. A blocked air vent also restricts airflow, causing your heater to work harder than necessary.

Replace The Filters

changing heating system filterA furnace has filters to ensure that dust particles and other debris do not make it into the system.

Depending on how much a particular home uses its heating system, the number of furry pets, and dust, the filters require checking and cleaning regularly. When they get too worn out to function correctly, replacements are necessary. A homeowner should always switch off the furnace before any cleaning tasks.

Read The Manual

Some homeowners have the HVAC technician install their furnace without checking the instructions provided by the manufacturers. However, manufacturers build heaters differently from one model to another. For example, the cleaning products that may be suitable for one unit may not be for another.

Reading the manual will tell the buyer about the type of fuel and the correct add-ons to use. This resource also provides information such as the efficiency rating of a specific furnace, which helps to know when the appliance is not in top shape. You can also consult with your HVAC technician about any specifics about your furnace’s make and model. They will be able to give you some great advice on how to care for your system.


Reduce Heating Load

The amount of work that a furnace has to put in when heating a home will impact its rate of wear and tear. Homeowners can minimize heating loads by insulating houses adequately to prevent heat from escaping. A contractor can inspect the property to find the regions causing heat loss and recommend solutions. The location of the furnace must be strategic to ensure that heat gets to all the right places.

A furnace can provide a home with excellent service for 15 to 20 years but only if the user gives it regular maintenance as needed. All experts recommend a furnace tune-up on an annual basis. The best time to schedule a furnace service is in the fall season, right before winter. When looking for furnace tune-up services or furnace repair near me, be sure to find an HVAC company that has the best furnace repair cost as well as experienced and knowledgeable technicians.

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