3 Habits That Can Lead To The Demise Of Your Air Conditioner

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Air conditioning units are pivotal in creating a cozy living space, especially in regions experiencing severe weather conditions. Townsend Energy, at the forefront of HVAC service and upkeep, leverages decades of experience to guarantee the peak performance of these crucial systems. Recognizing and steering clear of specific detrimental practices, like avoiding proper air conditioner care, is vital for prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioning. This is a concept we fully support, representing our dedication to assisting homeowners in attaining effective and durable HVAC functionality.

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Three Bad Habits That Diminish Your AC Unit’s Longevity

Here are three bad habits that can reduce your air conditioner’s effective lifespan:

1. Overlooking Routine Air Conditioner Care

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Consistent check-ups form the foundation of an air conditioner’s optimal performance and extended service life. The basic practice of regular maintenance profoundly impacts the efficiency and lifespan of these units. Townsend Energy stresses the necessity for a thorough care schedule, encompassing frequent filter changes and arranging for expert evaluations. These actions go beyond just preserving efficiency; they’re crucial for averting the steady deterioration of the system’s performance.

Neglecting these essential upkeep tasks can have severe repercussions. An overlooked air conditioner typically experiences a drop in efficiency, affecting the comfort of your home and leading to higher energy expenses. Eventually, the burden on a system that lacks proper maintenance can result in total system breakdowns, necessitating expensive repairs or even full replacements.

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2. Overlooking Initial Indicators of AC Unit Issues

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Paying attention to and acting upon the initial signals of air conditioner troubles is essential to stop minor issues from developing into more significant complications. Signs to be vigilant about include:

  • Listen carefully for any noises that are out of the ordinary for the unit’s typical functioning sounds, like rattling or buzzing, which may suggest the presence of loose components or blockages.
  • Variations in temperature distribution, with some areas feeling cooler than others, could indicate problems with the air ducts or refrigerant amounts.
  • An unexpected increase in utility costs often indicates that the air conditioning system exerts more effort than usual to keep the environment at the preferred temperature, signaling a reduction in efficiency.

These signs typically denote deeper issues that, when tackled swiftly, can be rectified with little effect on the system’s efficiency and the homeowner’s finances. Thus, homeowners should immediately contact a professional upon noticing these early warnings. Prompt action may distinguish between an affordable, straightforward fix and a costly, intricate repair.

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3. Misusing & Overburdening the Cooling System

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Incorrect operation of air conditioning units, like keeping them operational at minimal temperatures irrespective of climatic fluctuations, places considerable pressure and overburdens the system. Townsend Energy suggests adopting smarter usage habits to avoid such issues. They advocate for maintaining temperatures within a reasonable spectrum and modifying them in response to external weather changes to minimize the system’s strain.

Additionally, leverage the benefits of programmable thermostats and intelligent home technologies. These devices enhance air conditioning operation by autonomously fine-tuning settings for efficiency and comfort, prolonging the equipment’s durability and decreasing power usage. Adopting such methods leads to a more environmentally friendly and economically viable approach to cooling.

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Strategies for Maximizing Durability and Maintenance of Your AC System

Here are some practical recommendations to guarantee your air conditioning system’s prolonged effectiveness and meticulous maintenance:

Consistent Cleaning and Air Conditioner Maintenance

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It’s vital to regularly clean or change air filters, vents, and parts of the outdoor unit. Homeowners can undertake these tasks to avert complications such as airflow restrictions and facilitate the system’s efficient functioning. This cleaning regime should include clearing debris around outdoor units and inspecting ductwork for potential blockages.

Ideal AC Temperature Adjustments

Townsend Energy recommends adjusting the thermostat to various temperatures depending on the time of day and the current season to minimize wear and tear. They advocate using programmable thermostats, which automatically manage these adjustments, ensuring perfect harmony between comfort and energy efficiency, thereby contributing to the unit’s longevity.

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Annual Expert Air Conditioner Evaluations

Townsend Energy’s experts must conduct yearly inspections to spot potential problems early on. These assessments usually involve examining refrigerant amounts, inspecting electrical parts, and reviewing the entire system’s functionality to guarantee the unit’s optimal performance.

Upgrades and Timely Replacements of Air Conditioning Units

Townsend Energy advises homeowners on the opportune moments for switching to newer, more efficient air conditioning models or making necessary part replacements. They evaluate considerations such as the system’s age, repair frequency, and technological innovations. Transitioning to an up-to-date, energy-saving air conditioner can result in considerable savings over time, reflected in decreased energy expenses and lesser maintenance demands. Moreover, these contemporary models typically provide superior cooling efficiency and enhanced air quality.

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Air Conditioner FAQs

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Several frequently asked questions about air conditioning systems include:

How Often Should I Book For Air Conditioner Care Service?

Experts advise servicing your air conditioner annually, preferably during spring, before the peak cooling season. Routine servicing encompasses evaluating refrigerant levels, cleaning the coils, and verifying the effective operation of all parts. Such maintenance is crucial for sustaining peak efficiency, prolonging your unit’s lifespan, and avoiding expensive repairs.

How Often Should I Replace My Air Conditioner’s Filters?

Change disposable air filters every 1-3 months, considering the system’s use, indoor air quality, and the filter manufacturer’s guidelines. In homes with pets, smokers, or significant dust accumulation, replacing the filters more often might be essential to uphold air quality and system efficiency. Consistently renewing your filters facilitates maximum airflow and contributes to the seamless operation of your unit.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

An air conditioner might freeze up for various reasons, such as reduced refrigerant levels, limited airflow, or using the system during cooler weather. To avoid this issue, ensure the filters are clean, the coils are unobstructed, and the refrigerant level is appropriate. Should the freezing continue, it may be essential to seek assistance from a professional.


Steering clear of harmful practices like skipping regular upkeep, overlooking initial malfunction indicators, and improper use of the air conditioning unit is vital for preserving its efficiency and longevity. Townsend Energy emphasizes the significance of consistent cleaning, adjusting temperatures wisely, and undergoing professional evaluations to ensure your air conditioner’s optimal condition. 

They advocate for homeowners to be proactive in their system’s maintenance and suggest arranging a service appointment with Townsend Energy for expert advice and assistance. They underline that attentive care is critical to maintaining your air conditioning system’s performance and dependability. Discover advanced and efficient HVAC solutions with our specialized services. Contact us to find out more.

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