How Does An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Save Me Money?

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As outside temperatures start to rise, homeowners become increasingly reliant upon their air conditioners. After all, air conditioners do the important job of regulating indoor temperatures and humidity during the scorching summer months. An air conditioner that’s working efficiently will give you adequate levels of indoor comfort when it’s sweltering outside. However, to avoid costly AC repairs and soaring energy bills, you have to prime this unit for the season. The best way to accomplish this is by scheduling a professional air conditioner tune-up.

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How Does Tuning an Air Conditioner Up Save Money?

Here are some ways in which an air conditioner tune-up can cut your costs:

Lower Your Home Energy Bills

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In the average household, half of the energy that gets used is actually the result of HVAC system use, according to the United States Dept. of Energy (DOE). Although completely eliminating your heating and cooling costs isn’t a possibility, there are things that you can do to make them more manageable.

Well-maintained air conditioners provide excellent value. If air conditioners have dried coils, insufficient lubricant, filthy filters, weak belts, or warped evaporator fins, the airflow throughout the entire HVAC system will be compromised. These obstructions and other problems inhibit the clean, cool air that should be distributed throughout your home. As per the DOE, it’s possible to reduce your energy use by as much as 15 percent by simply replacing a clogged HVAC air filter.

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Fixing or Replacing Air Conditioners Is More Expensive Than Maintaining Them

Much like autos, when air conditioners have even the smallest problems get left unchecked, these issues often spiral out of control. Air conditioning units that are regularly tuned up can provide as many as 15 years of reliable service or even more. Annual air conditioner maintenance usually costs under $200. This, of course, depends upon the unit being tuned up, how old it is, how well it’s been maintained before, and which parts need replacing among other factors. Comparatively, the cost of putting a brand new air conditioner in starts at about $3k and can grow much higher. Moreover, even though air conditioner repairs cost a lot less than AC replacement services, they still cost more than a tune-up. Thus, having your air conditioner regularly tuned up is the obvious choice when it comes to saving cash.

Neglecting AC Maintenance Could Void Your Warranty

hvac warrantyWarranty claims can be denied by air conditioner manufacturers due to insufficient maintenance and other forms of neglect. Even if your air conditioner is still under its manufacturer’s warranty, if it experiences a negligence-related breakdown, you could have out-of-pocket costs. To keep your warranty intact and to sidestep the need to pay thousands of dollars in replacement or repair bills, keep all receipts that show evidence of annual tune-up service.

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Protect Your Indoor Air Quality

Having a low indoor air quality (IAQ) isn’t a small issue – in fact, it’s a problem that often has a fairly expensive remedy. As per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA, airborne particulates can be responsible for the development of mold, various respiratory problems, and even asthma. Not only does a low IAQ lead to respiratory ailments and other health problems, but it can be costly to improve given that the average cost of mold remediation is several thousand dollars. Air conditioner maintenance includes air filter replacement which is vital if you want a higher IAQ. After performing a thorough assessment of your system, your HVAC technician might suggest other ways to give your IAQ a boost, such as by installing a whole-house dehumidifier, air scrubber, or ventilator.

Energy-Saving Tips for Your Cooling System

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During your annual air conditioner maintenance service, your HVAC technician may make several observations and suggestions for minor, money-saving upgrades. These can include tips such as paying for duct sealing services, having your HVAC air ducts cleaned, or upgrading from a standard HVAC air filter. It’s important to work with your HVAC technician as a partner so that you can control your energy costs and ensure optimum overall performance and efficiency.

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Common Air Conditioner Problems That AC Maintenance Can Resolve

As per the DOE, inefficient air conditioner performance and AC failure are primarily the result of negligence and negligent-related buildups of dirt. Following are just a few common cooling system issues that can be resolved by regularly maintaining your cooling equipment:

  • Leaking Refrigerant or Incorrect Refrigerant Recharge: Even if your air conditioner’s refrigerant is undercharged by just 20 percent, you may see cooling costs that are twice as high.
  • Electric Control Malfunction or Failure: It’s critical to keep the compressor (the outside AC unit) and fan controls in excellent condition if you want to prevent electronic control failure. Wires and terminals that are corroded, contacts that are dirty, and loose electrical connections can all increase the likelihood of an electrical malfunction or failure.
  • A Filthy HVAC Air Filter: Dirty HVAC air filters inhibit airflow and make air conditioners work a lot harder than they should to keep homes cool. Moreover, when your unit has a dirty filter, dirt, and other debris start to build up on the unit’s interior components, which can result in early failure and decreased efficiency.
  • The Condensate Drain Is Clogged: As your air conditioner removes humidity from the indoor air, the condensation that results from these efforts is moved through a drain that’s connected to the cooling unit. If the condensate drain has a blockage, water can leak out and cause damage to your walls and floors. When condensate drains are blocked, these build-ups can also cause air conditioners to stop working.
  • Dirty Fin Coils: Coatings of dust and grime on your air conditioner’s coils limit its cooling abilities and force it to overwork in order to get its job done. This accelerates normal wear and tear, and it can also cause your home energy bill to rise.



Air conditioner tune-up services are excellent investments that consistently provide worthwhile returns. If you haven’t scheduled tune-up service for your air conditioner for quite some time, you should do so today. Your air conditioner will last longer, function better, and help you save some money.

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