Why Is My A/C Running Constantly?

homeowner who needs air conditioner serviceStandard air conditioners cycle on and off to regulate indoor temperature. While the home is warmer than the ideal, they will continue to run until they reach the desired setting. However, sometimes cooling units never stop at all, and, unfortunately, your home doesn’t feel comfortable either. Unless it is an extraordinarily hot day, perhaps you are dealing with an issue that requires a proper solution.

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Air Conditioning Service Manchester NH: Why Is My A/C Running Constantly?

In this article, we discuss five of the common culprits for a continuously running air conditioner:

1. Incorrect Cooling Unit Size

Every home will require a different level of cooling. It will all depend on the volume of the indoor spaces, the regional climate, the amount of shade, and various other factors. HVAC contractors should perform a scientific load calculation before selecting an air conditioning unit. If they make a guess and overshoot the mark, then the homeowner will waste money paying for an air conditioner that is too large and ineffective in reducing humidity. If they go the other way, then the small unit might not be up to the task. It could run all the time as it tries to cool the home. The stress can limit the lifespan of the machine, accruing substantial air conditioner repair costs in the meantime.

2. Clogged HVAC Air Filters

dirty HVAC filterOutside air is filled with impurities. Before it can be allowed into the cooling system, it must first go through a filter to purify the air. Much of the unwanted particles will be trapped at the surface.

Over time, this layer of dirt will build up until the surface is completely covered and the air itself can’t pass through.

With restricted airflow, the A/C will have a hard time cooling down the home. It might have to work longer to do its job correctly. Owners should monitor their filters for immediate cleaning or replacement whenever necessary.

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3. Dirty Evaporator And Condenser Coils In Your Air Conditioner

It’s not just the filters which are exposed to impurities. Any surface is prone to dirt build-up. The evaporator and condenser coils are great examples. These either absorb or release heat to their immediate environments. If their surfaces are covered in a thick layer of dirt, then the heat exchange will not happen as efficiently as it should. These should be cleaned regularly to avoid such a problem. This requirement is true for both sets of coils. Without such diligence, the air conditioning unit will eventually be forced to keep working to compensate for the reduced efficiency.

4. Non-Functional Thermostat

sealing air draftsAn A/C that is continually running might be suffering from a non-functional thermostat. Remember that it is this part of the system that senses the temperature and decides whether to continue cooling or not. If it is broken, then the unit might not realize that it has already done its job. It will keep on running indefinitely since there is no signal to stop. You may want to test whether you have a broken thermostat by changing the settings and observing system behavior. If your findings are inconclusive, then you could call for help from a licensed HVAC professional.

5. Air Leakage Around The Home

Another common reason for having an overworked A/C is the presence of leaks around the house. It doesn’t matter how well the A/C can cool the rooms if the air escapes through holes and cracks around the perimeter. The air leakage will slow down the rate at which the unit reaches the desired temperature.

If the case is particularly bad, then the cooling system might never reach the goal even while running continuously. There is nothing wrong with the unit, but homeowners must patch the gaps around the walls as soon as possible.

An A/C that runs continuously will consume lots of energy and cause monthly bills to rise. Homeowners should find the root cause and implement the appropriate solution with the help of an HVAC technician.

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