How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Buderus Boiler Heating System?


When it is time to have a new boiler system installation or replacement in your home, one of your first concerns would be the cost. No one will disagree with the fact that boilers are expensive, and the potential out-of-pocket expense can seem intimidating. However, understanding different aspects of boilers, such as how they work, the type of features they come with, and the many benefits they offer, will help you make an informed decision.

One of the most reliable manufacturers of all the boilers on the market is Buderus. Many homeowners choose Buderus over other brands due to its efficiency, performance, reliability, and more. So how much does a Buderus boiler cost, and what are its advantages? Let’s take a closer look.

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Buderus Boiler Cost: How Much Are You Looking At?

Buderus boilers are considered one of the most trusted names in the HVAC industry. They are backed by well-thought-of design and function that ensure years of faithful service. They offer consistency, reliability, and efficiency.

With most machinery, you pay for what you get. So, how does this apply to a Buderus boiler cost? This depends on a number of factors, including the type and model of the unit. Also, the complexity of the installation impacts the overall cost. In general, expect a boiler installation cost to range from $4,700 to $11,000 or more, depending upon your home’s characteristics and needs. Again, the actual price could be higher or lower, depending on certain factors.

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Types Of Boilers

There are different types of boilers to accommodate different heating needs. These options allow you a great deal of flexibility when choosing which boiler is best for your home.

Experts group boilers into three major categories. These are:

Conventional Boilers

Regular boilers are also called heat-only boilers. These require water storage tanks for hot and cold water. The tanks are often installed in the loft or basement of a home. The boiler itself is connected to the mains from which water is distributed. It is not as popular today as other types of boilers but is still in use.

System Boilers

System boilers are similar to conventional or regular boilers in that they heat the central heating system directly. The hot water that the system produces is then kept in storage cylinders or tanks, which are the
external components of the system. A system boiler connects to the main water supply. Unlike conventional boilers, system types do not require the installation of a water tank in the home loft.

Combination Boilers

Combination Boilers are considered the most efficient and cost-effective type of home boiler system. Combi boilers service both central heating and hot water production. Combi boilers are directly connected to the mains, providing hot water when and where required. They are compact, allowing homeowners to save on space as well.

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What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Boiler Installation?

It is not likely that two homes will have the exact same boiler installation cost. This will depend on factors that will influence the total expense. Pinpointing the exact figure is quite difficult because, ultimately, the final cost will be dictated by certain aspects. To give you an idea about what to expect, here are some factors you might want to consider:

  • Boiler Size/Capacity: Typically, the installation of larger boilers will come with a higher price tag. Likewise, smaller/lighter boilers may come with a lower charge. An HVAC contractor will use a Manual J load calculation to determine the size that meets your heating requirements.
  • Parts/Components: If there are more parts or components that have to be installed along with the boiler unit, the homeowner will have to pay more. If a component has to be sourced elsewhere, it will likely cost more.
  • Amount Of Work Required During The Boiler Installation: The more complicated the installation job is, the higher it will cost to be completed. You also have to factor in individual labor costs, depending on your home heating requirements.
  • Boiler Installation Location: Installation work in farther and difficult to access locations typically cost more compared to more accessible areas. Workers and delivery vehicles have to travel farther for the job, which will also cost more in terms of time and incidentals.
  • Home Layout: If your home layout allows for easy installation, you can expect to pay a lower price tag. If, however, your home layout will require additional manpower and/or construction, the cost will increase.
  • Complexity: The complexity of the installation will have a significant impact on how much you will be charged for the installation of a boiler in your home. Other than your home layout and location, the type of region you live in and your environment will also affect how much your HVAC contractor will charge.
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How Long Does Buderus Boiler Installation Take?

Keep in mind that boiler installation requires careful, calculated steps. Furthermore, the proper installation of the unit ensures that safety measures are in place. The installation process begins at inspection when technicians from your HVAC contractor visit your home to perform a visual assessment. This is mainly to determine the best location and manner to install the boiler. Also, they calculate your heat load for proper boiler sizing.

Next, the technicians will plan the fitting of the pipes and the removal of your old heating system, if required. In most cases and barring any serious problems or heavy work, the installation of a new boiler system should be completed within a full day.


Why Choose A Buderus Boiler?

Buderus built its reputation by providing innovative solutions and reliable products using the highest quality manufacturing practices. As such, Buderus boilers remain one of the world’s most trusted heating solutions. They not only outlast the most competitive hot water systems, but Buderus boilers also out-perform them.

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The most important things to remember about boiler installation are the safety and comfort of your home. If there are aspects about choosing the perfect boiler that is unclear, don’t hesitate to talk to a reliable HVAC contractor, like Townsend Energy. We will gladly discuss your concerns and provide you with the right approach for your home heating needs.

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