Why Do Carbon Emissions Matter?

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Carbon emissions refer to carbon dioxide gas that is released into the atmosphere due to fuel combustion, respiration, and most types of industrial processes. Carbon dioxide is an important gas because it aids in trapping heat within the earth’s atmosphere. This creates the ideal environment for many living organisms (including humans) so they can thrive.

Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be harmful and high amounts of emissions can trap excess heat. This leads to the general rise in temperature, a phenomenon that is also called global warming.

To further understand the importance and risks of carbon emissions, we will take a look at the problems presented by excessive emissions, the impact on our environment, and how BioPure™ heating oil can help reduce carbon emissions.

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Why You Should Be Worried About Carbon Emissions

image of the words why depicting why carbon emissions should matterCarbon emissions occur naturally and the process is normal and necessary. To avoid excessive levels of emissions, the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)1 , along with different environmental conservation bodies, has set a minimum carbon emissions budget annually. This is to control the amount of emissions that could lead to global warming, which could have an adverse impact on the global climate.

The federal government’s move to keep the levels of carbon in the atmosphere in check includes raising awareness among the world’s citizens regarding the effects of excessive carbon emissions. Certain steps are also encouraged, such as:

  • Recycling
  • Embracing renewable energy
  • Planting trees
  • Building energy-efficient homes
  • Using zero-emission means of transport such as electric cars, biking, and walking

In 2020, the United States saw a 7% reduction in carbon emission. This is a report from the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program2 . The decrease in the figure was made possible by the reduction in travel due to restrictions that were in place as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. With the economy recovering and travel becoming a possibility once again, we can reasonably expect the emission levels in the U.S. to increase once again.

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Effects Of Carbon Emissions

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, at least at high levels, carries a number of disadvantages. Minimizing emissions is necessary and if you want to start, you can do so by adopting certain eco-friendly habits. Carbon emissions can actually lead to a number of problems, such as:

Extreme Weather

image of global warming due to carbon emissions

Excessive carbon emissions can increase global warming which can lead to extreme weather changes. If the earth’s surface heats up too much, the rate of evaporation increases, leading to heavy rainfall in certain areas. Similarly, too much heat can lead to drought in drought-prone areas due to the increased evaporation of moisture. Extreme weather brings in increasingly worrisome floods, storms, and drought according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)3.

Respiratory Diseases

Carbon dioxide itself may not harm the respiratory system directly but it does lead to environmental pollution. This, in turn, aggravates respiratory issues such as asthma. The risk of developing respiratory diseases increases because of high temperatures that increase ground-level ozone. Eventually, these conditions can lead to lung tissue damage and lung inflammation.

The AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America)4 states that ozone at the ground level puts vulnerable people at risk, specifically those suffering from respiratory diseases. Ground-level ozone is the product of chemical reactions with industrial emissions. The increase in carbon emissions can also lead to the rise of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere, displacing oxygen. The decrease in oxygen can increase the incidences of fatigue and headaches among the population.

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Food Supply Disruptions

Global warming presents a very serious threat to the agricultural sector. According to the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, the main reason for world hunger is climate change. The increase in temperatures affects livestock and crop yields. When there is a reduced amount of food source to distribute, a massive food supply disruption occurs. To make matters worse, carbon emissions can also affect the nutritional content of harvested food, leading to lower nutritional value and poor health.

Increased Wildfires

image of a forest fire depicting co2 emissions

The NIFC (National Interagency Fire Center) reports that incidences of wildfires have increased significantly in the U.S. From January to February 2021, the U.S. has experienced over 2,900 wildfires already.

Although most of the wildfires were caused by humans, either accidentally or through acts of arson, there have been fast-moving wildfires that were caused by high temperatures. This is exacerbated by the greenhouse effect that creates dry conditions which make fires spread more easily and more quickly, making them quite difficult for firefighters to stop.

How BioPure™ Heating Oil Can Reduce Carbon Emissions

BioPure LogoUsing renewable fuel can help reduce the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. BioPure™ heating oil is an eco-friendly liquid renewable fuel that is made from processing the fats and oils of plants and animals to form biodiesel. This biodiesel is blended with ULSHO (ultra-low sulfur heating oil). This blend contains very low sulfur content, which means it has very low toxicity, making it an excellent option for environment-friendly heating oil.

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BioPure™ Heating Oil: A Liquid Renewable Fuel

Because it is sourced from animal and plant oils, BioPure™ heating oil is eco-friendly, sustainable, and renewable. It also does not release high amounts of carbon, which makes it the best and safest heating oil for making the switch to an environmentally-friendly heating option for the home.

Another benefit of BioPure™ heating oil is its compatibility with heating systems. If you want to switch to eco-friendly heating oil, you do not need to have your furnace system modified at all. You can start using BioPure™ heating oil immediately and reduce your carbon footprint at no additional cost to you. You do not only enjoy reliable comfort at home but you also proactively do your part in protecting the planet.

At Townsend Energy, we prioritize products and services that are helpful to the environment. We have made BioPure™ heating oil easily accessible to our clients to help them find solutions that reduce their carbon footprint. We ensure that our customers have the perfect product that is not only effective and efficient but also safe. BioPure™ heating oil is our 20% biodiesel blend that has been available since 2014. We made this product available way before the launch of the Providence Resolution which seeks to achieve 100% use of liquid renewable fuel within the next 30 years.

Beginning in 2014, we were able to eliminate 7,844,581 lbs. of carbon from the environment.


What Does the Future Hold for Bio Fuel?

We currently offer a 20% blend of BioPure™ heating oil that is mixed with ordinary heating oil. We are working towards being able to deliver a 50% blend or b50 very soon.

The oil industry has set a goal for all dealers of heating oil to ensure the availability of a b50 blend by 2030. At Townsend Energy, we are proud to say that we beat this deadline by a mile! Our b50 level BioPure™ heating oil emits less carbon compared to electricity and natural gas5.


Why Choose Townsend Energy’s BioPure™ Heating Oil For Your Home?

te logoTownsend Energy is leading the way towards a cleaner and healthier environment by providing green solutions, including our BioPure™ heating oil with its ultra-low carbon and sulfur content, blended with pure biodiesel. If you want the best solution for your heating oil needs and do not want to spend on furnace modifications, our top-rated product is the right option for you.

Give us a call today and let’s discuss how BioPure™ heating oil can get you started in living greener and healthier.

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