Clean Energy Fuels: How Renewable Bio Fuels Can Help Solve The Climate Crisis

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The United Nations believes the climate crisis is a race that we can win. Otherwise, all the measures being taken to and this global threat would be a Band-Aid at best and only prolong the agony.

Our climate emergency is real, and climate change produces devastating consequences all around the globe. Environmental degradation, weather extremes, and natural disasters are happening due to rising temperatures. If left unchecked, this will lead to water and food insecurity, terrorism, disrupted economies, and other conflicts.

The Arctic is melting, the ocean is becoming acidic, coral reefs are disappearing, and sea levels are on the rise. We need to take steps to change this outcome before it’s too late.

Today, it’s necessary to discover even more the harsh truths that we face about the climate crisis. We’ll also look at biofuels, one of the clean energy fuels, and determine what they are, how they can reduce carbon emissions, and realize that biofuels, also known as liquid renewable fuels, can be used immediately to begin cutting down our greenhouse gas emissions.

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What Is the Climate Crisis?

image of a forest fire depicting climate change

Our climate crisis is unfortunately happening faster than we’d imagined possible. It may seem like we’re powerless as we face this global threat, but we aren’t going to lose this fight forever. In fact, countries and corporations all around the world are working diligently to provide solutions to end this climate disaster.

Ultimately, the crisis known as climate change (formerly global warming) stems from human activities that produce far too many greenhouse gas emissions. We are producing greenhouse gases at record levels, and unless we intentionally intervene, this will not slow down without making serious changes.

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CO2 Emissions Side Effects

The unfortunate side effects of too many CO2 emissions cause a plethora of devastating changes ravaging the environment. The biggest change is the rising temperatures. This leads to many different negative consequences including the following distressing scenarios:

  • Acidifying oceans
  • Rising sea levels
  • Melting Arctic regions
  • Natural disasters
  • Forest fires
  • Extreme weather patterns
  • Degrading environment

The Destructive Potential of Climate Change

These catastrophic situations will lead to even bigger problems that would have a devastating effect on humanity in life as we know it. Without changing, we will begin to see the fallout of these negative effects in the following ways:

  • Disruptions to the world economy
  • Food shortages
  • Water shortages
  • Wars to secure resources
  • Terrorist activities to secure resources
  • Neighbors fighting neighbors to survive

This may sound like the beginnings of a science fiction movie, but don’t be full by these doomsday scenarios. This could very well happen if we aren’t careful. It’s inevitable unless we make changes to put an end to the current climate crisis once and for all.

One valid and immediate solution is to switch from traditional home heating oil to biofuels like B20.

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What Are Biofuels?

image of soy used for biofuel production

Bioheat® fuel consists of blending ultra-low sulfur heating fuel and biodiesel to create an environmentally friendly alternative to natural gas and traditional heating oil. The best thing about biofuel is it’s readily available to use in homes right now. It works with existing home heating systems, so it can be employed right away to begin working on reversing the damage of greenhouse gas emissions and climate destruction.

Right now, three types of biofuel are available for use to heat homes. The ranges of these fuels consist of the following:

  • B2-B5 – this Bioheat® oil contains between 2%-5% biodiesel.
  • B5-B20 – this current product biodiesel blend ranges from 5%-20%.
  • B20+ – this version of the product is made up of heating fuel blends of 20% biodiesel or more.
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The Facts About Bioheat® Oil

Bioheat® fuel is made with biodiesel, which is derived from renewable agricultural sources including towels and fats, recycled oils, canola oil, use cooking oil, inedible corn oil, and soybean oil.
Homeowners can begin using Bioheat® fuel immediately. It works perfectly with most existing heating systems, so no expensive equipment conversions are required.

The cost of Bioheat® fuel is in line with the current pricing for other liquid heating fuels, including home heating oil and natural gas.

How Biofuels Effectively Reduce Carbon Emissions

According to the US Energy Information Administration, “The US government considers biodiesel to be carbon-neutral because the plants that are the sources of the feedstocks for making biodiesel, such as soybeans and palm oil trees, absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) as they grow.”

Most people fail to realize the powerful effects of plant matter’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide. By growing more palm oil trees and soybean plants, we are effectively creating life that sucks up additional carbon dioxide. Then it gets converted into a source of fuel and it’s turned into biodiesel, which also minimizes the need to use as many carbon-emitting fuel sources as we once did.

The majority of the biodiesel produced in the US is created from soybean oil. But it isn’t the only source used to create this carbon-cutting fuel. Animal fats, recycled grease and oil from restaurants, and used vegetable oils also play their part.

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Why Biofuel Is Our Best Option To Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions Immediately

The reason biofuel is the best option for lowering greenhouse gas emissions immediately is that it’s readily available. Many of the other solutions proposed to cut down on CO2 emissions are years or decades away from becoming viable options.

Biofuel exists right now. Even more importantly, it’s already working hard to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. The next step is to get more and more homeowners to begin using Bioheat® oil to heat their homes as opposed to using natural gas or home heating oil.

How do you convince homeowners to make the switch? It shouldn’t be difficult because the price is in line with current oil and natural gas prices, so it’s not an expensive extravagance. More than anything else, we need to continue to spread the word about biofuel so homeowners can conclude that it’s better off for the environment to make the change.

It’s time to stop worrying about our climate crisis and it’s time to start doing something about it. We can’t afford to wait for a mass adoption of electric cars, wind energy to come into greater use, or any of the other alternatives that are millions of miles away.

Let’s help the environment right now by switching to Bioheat® oil to heat our homes.

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Clobber The Climate Crisis With Renewable Biofuels Today

reversing climate change

It seems like 196 countries agreed to lower greenhouse gas emissions just yesterday, but it actually took place in 2016. The event that transpired and the ultimate result is now known as the Paris Agreement.

In this agreement, governments from around the world agreed to cut down on their carbon emissions to prevent the temperature from rising an additional 2°C, with the ultimate goal of preventing it from rising 1.5°C.

The best way to begin the process of lowering our carbon emissions to prevent the climate crisis is to use clean energy fuels like renewable biofuels. Please contact Townsend Energy to switch to renewable biofuels right now. The faster we make this change; the better chance we’ll have of stemming the catastrophic effects of the impending climate crisis.

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