Accessories Needed For A Ductless Installation

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A ductless mini-split system boasts efficient and quiet operation. It is more than capable of keeping your home at a consistent and comfortable temperature all year round. If you are thinking about buying a mini-split soon, it is best to consult an HVAC professional. An expert has the knowhow on the right type, make, and model for your home.

Over time, you might find that some additional accessories can significantly improve your unit’s performance. Some of these accouterments are essential, while others are just nice add-ons. Keep in mind that all the components are necessary for the ductless installation. This ensures that your unit operates at optimum capacity.

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Accessories Needed For A Ductless Heat Pump Installation

In this article, we will list and explain several of these accessories needed for ductless installation.

Line Sets

A line set is two copper pipes that connect your indoor unit to the outdoor unit. It is what transports the refrigerant from the indoor unit to the condenser, ensuring that the heating or cooling process is ongoing when needed.

Each set line is comprised of one large tube and one small tube. The larger one is the suction line, and it is what transports the refrigerant while it is in its gaseous state. The smaller one is known as the liquid line as it is where the refrigerant travels in its liquid state. Therefore, it is an essential component of your mini-split’s overall functionality as it helps the refrigerant carry heat into or out of your home.

Make sure that the line set is in the right size for your system. A too small or large one will result in system malfunction. Check the installation manual to match the size of the connections at the indoor unit. You can also speak to a professional before buying a line set to ensure you are making the right purchase.

You also need to determine the correct length of the line set. To do this, measure the total distance between the two units of your mini-split system. Make sure that you include any bends or turns along the way.

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Line Set Adapters

If the line set required for your indoor unit does not match the port connections in your condenser, then you will need to purchase an adapter. Keep in mind that you must use the manufacturer’s recommended line set and adapter.

Line Set Cover

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Unlike several traditional HVAC systems like the window air conditioner, a mini-split provides you with the home comfort you need without the space-occupying units. Not only that, but the mini-split units are stylish at any angle so that they do not obstruct the aesthetics of the room.

However, there are also situations wherein the line sets cannot be installed behind the wall. This is where a line set cover comes in handy. It blocks the line set from view and helps it blend with the wall. You can even paint these covers to match the color of your wall. It is a nice accessory to have, although not necessarily needed.

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Whip & Disconnect Box

All mini-split systems need to have their own circuit to supply power to the system. A disconnect box is required by code to be installed near all outdoor units. Whereas, the whip is the flexible metal conduit that houses all the necessary wires for connecting the disconnect box to the outdoor unit. When an HVAC technician is performing tune-ups or any other repairs on your system, the disconnect box is what allows the expert to shut off the power. This is to prevent any electric-related accidents from happening.

Connecting Wires

electrical cables for ductless mini-split installation

All mini-split systems need a connecting cable. It is what provides power to the indoor unit and serves as a communication line between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Make sure that the connecting wire requirements you buy are what the manufacturer recommends. Check the mini-split installation manual to ensure you are purchasing the right one.

Surge Protectors

Mini-split systems run on electric power. Therefore, like any other appliance, they are susceptible to voltage spikes and lightning power surges. These can cause damage to the electrical components inside your mini-split. To prevent this from happening and to keep your system safe from sudden power surges, you would need to purchase a special-designed surge protector.


Drain Tubing

When your mini-split is in cooling mode, it also removes moisture from the air to lower the humidity level. This moisture then condenses into liquid and is drained from the unit via the drain tubing. It serves as a pathway for the fluid to flow to a drain pan. This way, the water does not cause damage to the unit, and the water can be disposed of properly outside your home. Check the mini-split installation manual to determine the right drain tubing size.

Condensate Removal Products

When your mini-split is unable to drain the moisture using gravity, you will need to purchase and install a condensate removal pump. These compact pumps will remove the moisture created during the cooling process. They can either be installed under your indoor unit or through interior mounting of the pump and the water sensor.

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Drain Pan Heaters

If you live in a place with cold climates, ice may form in the drain pan. The ice can be detrimental to your system’s performance. A drain pan heater solves this issue. It also helps expand the heating range of your mini-split system. However, this accessory is only needed for when you live in frigid climates and not for when you live in more temperate areas.


Wind Baffles

Wind baffles is an addition to the outdoor unit that allows for low ambient cooling. It is a useful accessory for when you have an area in your home that requires year-round cooling, such as a server room.

Wi-Fi Adapters

fujitsu ceiling suspended ductless system

A Wi-Fi adapter allows you to control your mini-split through smart technology. All you need to do is hook up the specialized adapters to your unit so that they are compatible with an app on your tablet or smartphone. With just a tap of a button, you can better adjust your home temperature to suit your needs.

This accessory is perfect for homeowners who are always on the go as it lets you control your system from anywhere. It gives you the peace of mind that you can manage your system even when you are miles away from home.

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Condenser Pads

The condenser pad is plastic or concrete-covered foam that serves as a mounting surface for your mini-split outdoor unit. It is the most common option of its kind. This pad is a flat, stable surface that also reduces the vibration and the noise from the unit.

Condenser Unit Brackets

fujitsu outdoor condenser


Do you live in an area that receives heavy snow? Are there indoor units placed on the second floor or higher in your house? If so, then it is not practical to install the condenser at ground level. To solve this issue, a wall bracket will be used. A wall bracket mounts the outdoor unit at a suitable height from the ground. Fortunately, wall brackets come readily available in a wide variety of sizes. There are even vibration-isolating mounts that help reduce noise transmission.

Branch Boxes

Some mini-split systems, such as those that use an eight-zone capable condenser, needs a branch box to circulate the refrigerant from the outdoor unit to the indoor ones. Make sure that you are buying the right branch boxes as these are manufacturer-specific. This means that your system only supports certain branch box combinations.

Maintenance Accessories

To ensure that your mini-split system lasts long, you would need to regularly clean and maintain it. It is one of the best ways to prevent issues that could later escalate into larger problems. Maintenance accessories, such as condenser cleaners and bib kits, are readily available in the market. These will help you clean the system and the coils inside and ensure that the mini-split is operating in tiptop shape.


All-In-One Installation Kit

Otherwise known as a pre-packaged kit, an all-in-one installation kit includes all the essential accessories needed for installation. This kit helps save time and money as you do not have to purchase the vital accessories individually.

Standard all-in-one installation kits include a line set, connecting cable, drain tubing, surge protector, wall sleeve, and a whip and disconnect box. These usually come in specific sizes, so if you need different specifications or require additional accessories, then you may need to purchase these accessories individually. However, it is always best to call an HVAC company, like Townsend Energy, for a ductless installation. This will keep your warranty in-tact and ensure that your system runs properly.


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There are various mini-split accessories available to ensure that your system is decked out for optimum convenience, safety, and safety. You only need to decide which ones you need and which ones will increase your home comfort level. You also need to consider how much you are willing to spend on these accessories.

For hassle-free installations, make sure to contact your local trusted HVAC technician. An expert has years of experience and training to recommend the best accessories you would need to ensure that your home is at maximum comfort at all times.

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