The Benefits Of Using Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Technology In Your Home

ductless air conditioning systemIf you still have traditional HVAC equipment in your home, you might have dealt with a few frustrations concerning its cooling and heating capabilities. Apart from using energy inefficiently, older HVAC units don’t often provide optimum levels of indoor air quality or sufficient comfort. Moreover, they might be a bit too loud during operation.

For these and other reasons, a lot of homeowners are choosing to install modern ductless mini-split units that rely on mini-split inverter technologies. This technology is flexible, versatile, and it offers higher levels of efficiency.

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Important Things To Know About The Overall Efficiency Of Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Technology

This article will talk about what ductless HVAC systems are, and about how mini-split inverter technologies work. We’ll also talk about the benefits that inverter technology can provide. We’ll also compare fixed-speed compressors to inverter technology from Fujitsu.

An Explanation Of Ductless Heat Pump Technology

ductless mini-split systemDuctless HVAC systems don’t require you to have any ductwork in the home. The system’s design provides flexible and efficient heating and cooling throughout the entire home, specific zone, or room. It has both an indoor unit and a unit outdoors. The technician installs the outdoor unit at the property exterior, often at ground level. It is connected to the unit indoors via electrical wiring and a refrigerant line. These connections run through a small-sized hole in the wall. An HVAC contractor can connect numerous indoor units to the single outdoor unit.

The indoor units exist to deliver heated or cooled air directly to the zone or room in which it is installed, and without relying on existing ductwork. It’s often mounted up high on the ceiling or wall to provide efficient cooling and heating. This can be set for automatic operation. You also have the option of adjusting the indoor air handler manually via remote control.


For any home without a current heating and cooling system, the ductless system can be ideal. A ductless mini-split works well for a home remodeling project, such as adding a new room to the home, or when converting a basement or attic into a functional living space. Without needing to add new ductwork, you can install a mini-split easily to these building extensions to ensure adequate heating and cooling, and at a reasonable cost. Also, since mini-split systems provide excellent comfort and energy efficiency, many homeowners choose to supplement their central HVAC systems with ductless designs. Below, we’ll talk about some of the most beneficial aspects of having a mini-split system in the home.

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A Quick Guide To Mini-Split Inverter Technologies

energy efficient ductless inverterWith ductless mini-split inverter technology, these HVAC systems can provide targeted cooling and heating. It relies on smart technology that can intelligently adjust cooling and heating output to ensure a constant temperature in the area. These systems include microcontrollers that can sample the indoor air so that the speed of the compressor can be adjusted as needed.

The output of heating or cooling in a traditional rotary compressor remains static. If your home needs cooling, this unit will simply turn on and pump cooled air at the same output rate and speed. Then, it will turn off after it reaches the desired temperature. Conversely, mini-split inverter compressors continuously adjust their output to efficiently maintain comfortable indoor temperatures without the need to cycle between off and on.

The Benefits Of Having A Ductless Mini-Split Inverter

Below, we highlight some of the benefits that come with a ductless HVAC system.
  • Higher Levels Of Efficiency: The most significant benefit of having a mini-split inverter is the level of overall efficiency it provides in comparison to that of a rotary compressor. It offers far more precise delivery of heating and cooling. Thus, it saves homeowners a lot of energy and money over time. As stated before, the mini-split inverter can adjust the output of heating and cooling constantly to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Homeowners Can Save Money: Energy Star reports that ducted systems lose approximately 30 percent of total energy consumption on average. As such, using a ductless mini-split inverter system will help you save about 30 percent on your home energy bills. More importantly, the individual components of a ductless HVAC system will last far longer. Therefore, you won’t need to replace them as often, which will also help you save cash.
  • Quieter Operation: If you have ever had a rotary compressor unit installed in your home than you know just how loud they can be. If you have a rotary compressor unit close to your bedroom, this could cause you many sleepless nights. Mini-split systems are much quieter during operation than traditional HVAC systems. This means that you’ll always be able to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Increased Flexibility: A mini-split system is small, and it can be installed in an individual room. In fact, HVAC contractors are able to install between four and five separate indoor units to just one outside unit. The cooling and heating requirements for the home determines the number of units that an HVAC contractor needs to install indoors.
  • Easy Installation: Given that these systems are entirely ductless, they are far easier to install than all other HVAC types. You can also use them to provide cooling and heating in home extensions without having to add on to the building’s current ductwork.
  • They’re Versatile: In terms of interior design, there are many ways in which mini-split inverters can be put in. An HVAC contractor can mount them on walls, suspend them from ceilings, or directly install them onto drop ceilings.
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Inverter Technology From Fujitsu vs. Fixed-Speed Compressors

fujitsu halcyonWhen it comes to delivering air, fixed-speed compressors tend to be inefficient. These compressors cause units to cycle off and on whenever temperatures dip below the target. This can create fluctuations in temperatures that result in energy inefficiency and significantly higher energy costs.

Conversely, inverter technology from Fujitsu enables the unit to alter the motor speed according to the temperature demands of the home. This allows for a smoother delivery of heated or cooled air without requiring more energy use. With an intuitive sensor, this unit can determine and set the necessary speed for maintaining the correct temperature in your home.

In terms of energy efficiency, having a compressor that’s continuously cycling on and off can be quite expensive. A fixed speed compressor is always going to run at full capacity, no matter how large or small the room may be. In an inverter-driven system, the unit will run at a fraction of its speed, thereby offering overall energy efficiency.

Inverter technology offers a continuous and energy-efficient form of heating and cooling for the home. Once you have this type of system installed, you will be able to enjoy long-term savings. Moreover, you won’t have to experience fluctuations in temperature anymore. Furthermore, you won’t have ongoing problems with loud HVAC noise.

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Traditional HVAC equipment is slow in producing temperatures that are streamlined for your home. The good news is that you can get a far better solution with modern technology. Ductless mini-split inverter technology offers efficient delivery of temperatures in the home, all of the time.

With this technology, you will get smart delivery of the desired temperatures. It regularly samples the temperature of the indoor air and adjusts the unit speed according to achieve the desired indoor climate. It’s energy-efficient, quieter, versatile, flexible, and capable of saving you money. If you are choosing between inverter units or fixed-speed designs, inverter units are your best choice.

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