Floor-Mounted Ductless Indoor Air Handlers

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A ductless mini-split works much like a traditional heating and cooling system, minus the ductwork. It has an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a refrigerant line connected between these two components. The indoor unit is what blows warm or cold air into your house. The outdoor unit, otherwise known as the condenser or compressor, is where the refrigerant releases the heat pulled from the air inside your home.

A mini-split can also be categorized as a single zone or multi-zone. A single zone consists of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. It is designed to heat or cool a single room. Whereas, a multi-zone is comprised of one outdoor compressor and up to eight indoor units. It is capable of cooling or heating multiple rooms in your home.

Once you have decided that a ductless mini-split is for you, then you also have to consider what type of ductless system you want on your home. In this article, we will talk about the different types of ductless systems. However, we will concentrate on the floor-mounted ductless mini-split and discuss the many benefits of this type of ductless system.

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Types Of Mini-Split Systems

There are many different types of ductless mini-splits available. Below, we discuss some of the different types of indoor air handler:

Vertical Air Handler

Similar to a central air conditioner, this type of mini-split connects to the existing ductwork. However, vertical air handlers are more energy-efficient and cost-effective.


As the name suggests, this type of mini-split is a single zone wall-mounted system that you install yourself. It comes with a pre-charged line set that can be installed without special tools. It also has built-in wi-fi access. A DIY mini-split is an appealing option for homeowners who are trying to save money on installation costs. However, there is a major downfall that comes with this. Manufacturers will not offer a valid warranty for DIY installations. They only offer a warranty for installations that are performed by a licensed HVAC contractor. Some manufacturers even offer additional benefits for homeowners who hire an HVAC contractor that is is an authorized dealer for their brand.

Ceiling Cassette

A ceiling cassette consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler. The indoor unit is mounted on the wall. This makes it a good option for when you are looking for a ductless system that can be kept out of sight. Moreover, it also delivers heated or cold air from all four directions, giving you a more extensive airflow compared to other types.

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image of a ceiling cassette for a ductless hvac system


Concealed Duct

Like the ceiling cassette, the concealed duct is also installed on the ceiling. It is mounted on the ceiling so that it can be connected to one or more ducts. It releases warm or cold air via air vents. This is a flexible option as it can be connected to a few ducts, enabling it to cover multiple rooms or one large room that needs several vents.

Ceiling Suspended

Ceiling suspended mini-splits, like the first two, are mounted to the ceiling. This is an ideal choice for households that have little to no wall space left. The indoor unit of a ceiling suspended looks more like a wall-mounted system. This type is very discreet and is the perfect choice when you value aesthetics in your home.

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The most common type of mini-split is the wall-mounted mini-split system. It is also the least expensive of all the mini splits on the market. The indoor unit is set up on a wall and pumps out air into the zone or room. Keep in mind that the higher the unit is, the longer it will take for you to feel the benefits. The initial wait is made worthwhile by the even distribution of heated or cold air throughout the zone.

It is an excellent choice for any room. Unfortunately, some buildings, such as conservatories, cannot accommodate wall fixtures. Some people also think that a wall-mounted system affects the aesthetic of the room. Fortunately, wall-mounted mini-splits are also available in many different styles. It can have a sleek, low-profile design, or it could even have a discreet one wherein the indoor unit is hidden behind a picture frame.



Floor-mounted mini-split units are mounted at the bottom of a wall near the floor. Due to its proximity to people occupying a room, you can feel its benefits much faster than the wall-mounted mini-splits. It is the go-to choice for when you have limited wall space in your home or for when the area you want to heat or cool is constructed with fragile materials. It is also a more discreet alternative to wall-mounted systems as it has less impact on a room’s aesthetics.

However, it can be quite tricky to install a floor-mounted system in a fully-furnished room. This is due to the furniture that might obstruct the indoor unit and, in turn, affect its efficiency. An appliance or furniture that is blocking it can cause the heated or cold air to be distributed unevenly. This means that the only ones benefiting from the floor-mounted system are the ones closest to it while those further away do not feel its effects.

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Floor-Mounted Features

Floor-mounted indoor units have the efficiency, style, and technology that assures you and your family receive the home comfort you deserve. Below are some of the features floor-mounted mini-splits have to help you decide if this is the right unit for you:


Floor-mounted units aren’t only engineered to provide you with optimum comfort. They are also designed to look stylish from any angle. Its modern design ensures that it minimizes the detrimental effects in the aesthetic you are going for.

image of woman enjoying comfort of ductless hvac system


Zone Comfort

A floor-mounted ductless system lets you manage each zone in your home, based on your preferences. It can accurately maintain the temperature you want without having uncomfortable temperature swings. This way, you can enjoy a cooler temperature in your bedroom while other family members can have a warmer temperature in the living room.

Healthier Air

The air filters in your HVAC systems are responsible for the deodorization and air purification of the air inside your home. Most ductless heating and cooling are equipped with advanced filtration systems. These multi-part filtration systems reduce the allergens, dust, and contaminants, making the air you breathe healthier for you and your family.

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Easy Access Of Filters

The air filters in floor-mounted systems are located on the front panels. Therefore, you have easy access to the filters. Many indoor units feature easy-to-clean and washable filters. If these are properly cleaned and maintained, you will save a lot of money from buying new filters a few times a year as these filters can last for up to 10 years

image of a ductless hvac filtering system


Inverter Technology

Traditional ducted HVAC systems are inefficient because they must either be completely turned off or on. On the other hand, floor-mounted ductless systems are equipped with inverter technology. This modulating technology allows the system to measure the room conditions. Once it does, the ductless system adjusts the compressor and fan settings so that the room is at consistent temperatures at all times. This ensures that ductless systems are more energy-efficient as the inverter technology limits the energy usage while keeping you and your family comfortable.

Hot-Start Technology

Many floor-mounted ductless systems also feature hot-start technology and multi-vane airflow. If you’ve ever been frustrated when your heating system blows cold air when you want heat on cold winter days, then you’ll want this feature in your home. Hot-start technology pre-heats the coil. Therefore, you get hot air right away when you turn on your hot floor-mounted ductless system, and you quickly heat the room.

Quiet Operation

Both the condenser and the indoor unit of a floor-mounted ductless system are extremely quiet. Some indoor units even have whisper modes wherein they operate at 21 dB, which is slightly louder than a child’s whisper.

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Smart Remote Controller

Floor-mounted systems have remote controllers that you can use to control its fan speed, air flow power, and vane direction. You can even have additional technology that will allow you to create programs and schedules that will cater to your specific needs. Some systems also allow homeowners to manage the system’s settings through their tablets or smartphones via an application they can download.

Less Mess Installation

Installing a single-zone mini-split floor in your home only takes several hours to complete, depending on the installation. Moreover, compared to other heating and cooling systems, floor-mounted ones are installed without much mess. The mess is easily contained in a small area as only a three-inch hole through the outdoor wall is needed to run a refrigerant line between the indoor unit and the condenser.


Tips For Installation

Here are a few installation tips to ensure that you get the most out of your new floor-mounted ductless system:

  • Make sure that the indoor unit is installed at least six inches above the floor.
  • Ensure that the indoor unit is installed in a place that does not get direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will affect your unit’s accuracy in determining the indoor temperature. As a result, the air blowing out of the unit may not be what you need to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Mount the indoor unit at a reasonable distance from direct sunlight so this does not happen.
  • Make sure that the indoor unit is not installed near a microwave, a television, or any other appliance that emits electromagnetic interference. Otherwise, the communication between the remote control and the unit might get interrupted.
  • When hidden behind a piece of furniture, the airflow is blocked, and this will reduce the system’s performance. Make sure that the indoor unit is not installed behind furniture so that the airflow is unobstructed. This way, the air can blow effectively across the room and efficiently cool or heat the zone.

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When To Choose A Floor-Mounted Unit

A floor-mounted unit is perfect for an attic bedroom. The slanted ceilings and the cramped space make it difficult to install a wall-mounted or ceiling unit. The floor-mounted mini-split system installs at the bottom of the wall, so it fits perfectly where it’s supposed to. It is also a good choice for other rooms in your home when you do not want a ceiling or wall-mounted mini-split. Talk to an HVAC contractor to learn your best home heating and cooling options.

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Contact your local trusted HVAC technician to assist you in finding the best floor-mounted make and model suited for all your home comfort needs. A mini-split professional has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the installation goes quickly and smoothly so that you do not have to worry from start to finish.

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