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Townsend Energy is the supplier to contact when you need the best fuel oil delivery in Danvers MA. We deliver fuel fast, and at affordable prices. You can rely on us to provide high-quality heating oil for your home. We have a variety of delivery plans and financing options. We are the very heating oil definition of what you want from a delivery service.

Townsend Energy also offers a wide range of home comfort services.

Our services include heater installation, tune-ups, repairs, and other HVAC services. Whatever it is your home comfort needs might be, Townsend Energy can take care of it. All our services are fast, friendly, and affordable. You can count on us for high-quality services and honest prices. Schedule an appointment today by giving us a call.

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Benefits Of Oil Heat

A recent report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that oil-based furnaces are among the cleanest combustion sources on today’s market. It gives credit, in large part, to advanced furnace technology and fuel processing. In addition to heating oil being a clean fuel, it offers other benefits. In this article, we will discuss those benefits so you can understand why fuel oil is such an excellent heating fuel.

Cost-Effective Heating Fuel

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When compared gallon to gallon with natural gas, heating fuel generates around 40% more heat for the home. To be more specific, natural gas produces 100,000 BTUs while heating oil produces 140,000 BTUs. This difference makes fuel heating oil more cost-effective than its competitor.

Another interesting fact about heating oil is that it is less expensive than electricity and natural gas. In recent years, it has consistently been lower in price than either natural gas or electricity. This data came from the Department of Ecology Studies.

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Many fuel oil blends contain no carcinogens or toxins, making it environmentally inert. Still, CO remains a by-product of heating fuel combustion. CO production is the case with all heating fuels. This is true when you use heating oil, natural gas, or propane.

Nonetheless, heating oil systems give clear signals when problems arise. These clear signals come long before the system releases CO into the air. The same is not true for natural gas users. Some unsuspecting homeowners have experienced CO poisoning while using natural gas to heat their home. To be safe, all homes, regardless of the fuel used, should have CO detectors installed.

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The safest heating fuel to use is heating oil. It burns cleaner than other fuels without producing potentially dangerous gases, vapors, dirt, or soot. It leaves no unpleasant odors. However, heating oil systems that produce soot or have a smell do this because there is a significant issue with the heating system.

Safety alone is why fuel oil is so ideal for heating homes. It also doesn’t easily ignite or explode as natural gas does. Heating oil requires special equipment to atomize it into a fine spray. Oil-based furnaces are capable of atomizing fuel oil for it to be a heating source. If you drop a lit match into a tank of heating oil, nothing will happen. You cannot say the same for natural gas. When natural gas is near an ignition source, it will explode.

High-Efficiency Furnaces

Modern boilers and oil-based furnaces have an (AFUE) or annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 85% or more. Their AFUE rating makes them high-efficiency heaters. They consume less fuel than mid-efficiency heating systems. Most important is that they burn as much as 400 degrees hotter than competing mid-efficiency furnaces for heat or hot water. Also, well-maintained, heating oil furnaces typically last about twice as long as other similarly well-maintained gas furnaces. Simply put, a heating oil furnace may last up to 30 years while a natural gas furnace life expectancy is just 15 years.

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Options For Supply

Because of intense competition, no. 2 heating oil suppliers offer more favorable terms at competitive prices than natural gas or electricity service providers. Also, unlike natural gas or electricity, you can switch suppliers to get the best prices, financing options, or delivery plans. This flexibility gives you more freedom to find more favorable suppliers and attractive packages. Some homeowners prefer full automatic delivery service that includes furnace maintenance and cleaning. Others prefer inexpensive oil delivery, without the additional perks, from a reputable discount delivery, or cash on delivery, supplier. Townsend Energy offers many different options to their customers. Therefore, when you are looking for “heating oil near me”, be sure to contact Townsend Energy.



In the U.S., heating oil is a very popular fuel for heating the home. Its popularity is because heating oil is environmentally friendly, safe and energy-efficient. Heating oil suppliers also offer attractive packages from which to choose. Consumers have the option to select packages that may include delivery plans, furnace maintenance, and financing. What’s more, furnaces using oil for fuel have high efficiency ratings.

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Townsend Energy is proud to be a trusted, affordable heating oil supplier in the area. We offer different delivery plans and financing options. This way, you can customize your oil deliveries by choosing which option works best for you. By working with us, you can expect affordable oil prices and fast and reliable fuel deliveries.

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