Spring Season HVAC Maintenance That Homeowners Should Know About

hvac maintenance service in danvers ma

The best time to schedule spring tune-ups for home HVAC systems is at the end of winter. The reason a spring tune-up is so essential is to ensure your HVAC system continues meeting your home comfort requirements while operating efficiently throughout the warmer months. In this article, we will discuss some maintenance tips that will help you ensure that yours is ready for all that hard work…

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HVAC Tips: Reasons For Air Conditioner Leaks

image of an air conditioner that is leaking

Air conditioner leaks are among the most common concerns that our residential customers have. When home cooling system leaks occur, water can form puddles on the ground that lead to many other issues. This article discusses the reasons and solutions for HVAC leakage…

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Improve Air Quality With Your Danvers HVAC System

indoor air pollutants

When most think about air pollution, they think of smog over a big city. While this is one type of air pollution, studies have shown that the air inside the home can be more polluted than the air outdoors. In this article, we will discuss indoor air quality and how to improve it.

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Get The Best Heating Oil In Danvers From Townsend Energy

home heating oil delivery

Townsend Energy is the supplier to contact when you need the best fuel oil delivery in Danvers MA and surrounding areas. We deliver high-quality fuel fast, and our prices are always affordable. Using heating oil offers various advantages over other fuel sources. In this article, we discuss some of the various benefits of oil heat.

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Weil-McLain Forced Hot Water Boiler Upgrade In Danvers, Massachusetts


The Beaulier family of Danvers, MA called Townsend Energy with a “no-heat” and “no hot water” emergency situation. When they called our office, we immediately dispatched the technician to diagnose the problem. Brian Thayer, a Townsend Energy HVAC Comfort Consultant, quickly determined that the existing boiler needed to be upgraded. We provided a written quote…

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Bosch Heat Pump Installation in Danvers, Massachusetts

Heat pump installation - Danvers, MA - Townsend Energy

The Martin family had recently renovated their Danvers, MA home. After their renovation, they noticed their kitchen wasn’t nearly as comfortable as the rest of their home. The extreme temperatures in New England would make any room that is not heated or cooled properly very uncomfortable. The Martin’s called Townsend Energy to discuss the best…

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Generac Standby Home Generator Installation in Danvers, Massachusetts

Electric generator - Near me - Danvers, MA - Townsend Energy

The Martin family of Danvers, MA had concerns about power failures in their home. This issue is a common worry many homeowners in New England experience. No one wants to go a few hours without electricity, let alone a few days. The Martin’s decided to call the power loss experts at Townsend Energy to see…

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Propane Storage Tank Installation in Danvers, Massachusetts

The Martin family of Danvers, MA, had quite a bit of renovation work done to their home. They had previously had us install a Generac 20kw home generator to supplement their electricity needs in case of an electrical outage. Since power outages can be a significant problem in New England, a viable power source was…

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Carrier Natural Gas Furnace Installation in Danvers, Massachusetts

Furnace contractor - Danvers, MA - Townsend Energy

The Desmond family of Danvers, MA, had an older heating system that wasn’t able to meet their comfort needs. Due to the cold winter season, they wanted a reliable and energy-saving unit. The Desmond’s decided to call the experts at Townsend Energy for our professional opinion about a natural gas heating system. We sent one…

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Buderus Oil Boiler Replacement Danvers, Massachusetts

Oil Boiler Installation Danvers, MA

The Fouhey family recently noticed that their Danvers home wasn’t heating up as it should. The colder weather was becoming a concern to them, and they decided to call Townsend Energy to assist in their heating concerns. We dispatched one of our seasoned technicians, Matt, to their Danvers home. Upon inspection of the Fouhey’s heating…

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