6 Ways You’re Overworking Your Furnace

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Furnaces are built tough, so you can expect them to have a long lifespan. Unfortunately, some owners cause them to wear down faster due to overuse, neglect, and abuse. The last thing you want to happen to you is to have your heating system break down in the middle of winter. It is built to last a long time, but it can still succumb to premature system failure if it is not utilized correctly. When this happens, your home will likely experience a decrease in furnace efficiency and an increase in heating repairs and utility costs. Therefore, it is a good idea for all homeowners to know how you can help your furnace operation without added strain.

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6 Ways You’re Overworking Your Furnace

Most people ignore the early indicators that their furnace is experiencing problems. It is only when their issue has escalated that they take notice. Unfortunately, homeowners also contribute to furnace problems without them knowing. This article will discuss six ways you are placing unnecessary stress on your heating system.

Leaving Your Thermostat On The Same Temperature Even When The House Is Unoccupied


There are homeowners who keep their thermostats at the same temperature even when they leave the house for long periods. This is unnecessary as it forces your heating system to consume more energy while straining to deliver the comfort your home requires.

Consider installing a programmable thermostat. This device will help you improve energy efficiency without overworking your furnace. It allows you to set the temperatures when your home is occupied and unoccupied. If you do not have one, remember to turn down your thermostat temperature before leaving the house. Make sure to keep the temperature at the recommended settings whenever you are at home as well.


Letting Cold Air In The House

Some homeowners have a habit of opening their doors and windows. More often than not, they would forget about them and leave them open. As a result, the cold air will waft inside your home. Make sure to close and lock all doors and windows to keep the cold air out. If you are still feeling a cold air draft, there might be gaps, cracks, and holes around your doors and windows as well. Contact a professional and get these sealed right away.

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Increasing The Thermostat Temperature When You’re Cold

When you feel cold inside your home, turning up the thermostat temperature should not be your go-to step right away. Check to see if the thermostat is set to the recommended thermostat settings for your home. If not, then turn it up to the ideal temperature. Otherwise, do not set it any higher as this will not work like you think it would. Your home won’t feel warmer faster, and you’ll only end up putting undue strain on your furnace.

Placing Furniture In Front Of Vents

Blocking air return vents with curtains, plants, and furniture is something many homeowners are guilty of. They typically favor indoor design or style and often ignore that vents should remain unblocked at all times. They might place objects in front or on top of these vents. Sometimes, homeowners would also put their beds over a vent as this supposedly keeps their sheets warm. As a result, the airflow is restricted and will lead to HVAC airflow problems. For instance, you will feel cold or hot spots as the warm air is not distributed as well as it should be throughout your house.


Skipping On Yearly Furnace Tune-Ups

You should schedule furnace maintenance once a year. This way, all potential issues are identified and resolved as soon as they are detected. A professional can also help you suggest ways on how you can avoid straining your furnace. Tune-ups will also ensure that your system remains in tiptop shape so that you have high indoor air quality, proper furnace airflow, and high energy efficiency at all times.


Opting For The Cheapest Furnace Replacement

Your furnace’s age affects its efficiency. Older units tend to be less efficient and will eventually be worn out. You will need to purchase a furnace replacement if you have a system that’s well over its lifespan.

Newer models are more energy-efficient. Therefore, you are likely to feel an improvement in your home comfort, indoor air quality, and energy-efficiency. When buying a replacement system, it is only natural to consider the furnace replacement price. However, avoid going for the cheapest replacement unit. Buying the right make and model for your home might be a bit costlier initially.

However, it is a worthy investment that is likely to save you more money in the long run.

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Three Signs Your Heating System Is Overworked

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The following are three of the most common indicators that you are overworking your heating system:

  • High Heating Bills: It is natural for your home heating bills to increase during winter. However, if the spike is sudden and seemingly without reason, you might have a furnace problem on hand. This issue can be caused by various facts, such as a dirty furnace filter. Clean or replace them if needed. If this is not the cause, contact your local, trusted technician to conduct a checkup.
  • Uneven Temperatures: Hot or cold spots in your home and a furnace that cannot maintain the set temperature could be due to furnace problems. A system that cannot meet your home heating needs is likely because it is overworked. Contact a reliable HVAC company to do a thorough furnace inspection.
  • Furnace Requires Frequent Repairs: If you find yourself calling for repairs more often than you did before, you likely have an overworked furnace. Keep in mind that the harder you work your system, the earlier it is likely to break down. You will need to prematurely replace it if this happens.
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