Why Is My Furnace Leaking on the Floor?

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Unforeseen events can happen unexpectedly. When we buy home appliances, we usually assume they will remain operational for a long time. However, this is not always the case. Issues can arise at any given moment, especially when we least expect them. One such example is when you find your furnace leaking water.

Finding your furnace leaking when you get home is never fun. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for homeowners. Various factors can contribute to causing a furnace to leak, some more significant than others. Regardless of the cause, swift action is vital in addressing the issue. 

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Why Is My Furnace Leaking on the Floor?

Multiple factors can cause the furnace to leak on the floor. The type of furnace you own plays a substantial role, particularly in the case of a high-efficiency furnace versus a conventional one. Continue reading to learn more about the prevalent causes behind furnace leaks.

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Condensation or Clog in the Furnace

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For high-efficiency furnaces, it is essential to note that the exhaust can lead to condensation as a natural result of the burned fuel.  The condensation is typically expelled through a PVC pipe directed toward the floor drain in your furnace room.

However, the drainage system often gets blocked. There are instances where the drain itself becomes obstructed. This congestion leads to water backup, resulting in furnace leakage.

On the other hand, conventional furnaces are not expected to leak water as a natural occurrence. If your furnace is over 15 years old, a potential cause of the leak could be an improperly sized pipe, causing water to drain back into the furnace. 

Whatever the cause is, addressing furnace leakage without delay is crucial. Get the help of a professional HVAC contractor to help you fix the problem.

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Broken Condensation Line or Condensate Pump

As mentioned earlier, high-efficiency furnaces generate condensation as a result of operation. Typically, condensation is directed through the condensate line for drainage. If the line becomes fractured or impaired in any manner, it can lead to leakage.

Modern furnaces often have a condensation pump. They work precisely as their name suggests: They pump out the furnace’s condensation, maintaining a dry environment. If the pump malfunctions, it can trigger problems and lead to leakage.

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Problems with the Humidifier in the Furnace

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Most of the time, the source of the problem can be traced back to the humidifier in the furnace. Homeowners often install them to enhance comfort during excessively dry winter months.

Since a humidifier relies on water for operation, it can develop complications that lead to water leakage over time. In some cases, the unit itself can develop cracks. The leakage tends to occur within the furnace, further complicating the issue.

Do not attempt a DIY repair. It is important to remember that the humidifier is an intricate component demanding the expertise of a skilled professional for thorough inspection and potential repairs. While it is generally evaluated during routine annual checkups, you can ask your technician to prioritize examining the humidifier.

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The Air Conditioner Might Be the Culprit

The problem might be the air conditioner. In climates where both the air conditioner and furnace are used concurrently, the former may be the culprit behind the leak.

This happens because air conditioners extract moisture from the air, condensing it. Water is normally drained outdoors via a pan. However, if there is a blockage or leakage, it could mistakenly appear as if your furnace is responsible for the issue. In reality, the air conditioner is causing the problem.

Hiring a professional technician to assess both your furnace and air conditioner is the best course of action to identify the cause of the leak. Relying on professional expertise for repairs not only enhances the longevity of your equipment but also alleviates any stress the homeowners experience.

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Should I Replace My Furnace Filter?

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Yes, you should. Check and inspect your furnace filter every month and replace it whenever necessary. However, changing the filter will not rectify the leak issue since it is not the underlying cause. Remember to change the filter once the required repairs are done before restarting the furnace. This step ensures the furnace operates seamlessly over an extended period.

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What Do I Do When I Notice a Furnace Leak?

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When there is a leak, contact your local HVAC contractor immediately to address the issue. Leaks can result in severe problems, potentially causing harm to components, walls, and floors. They can foster the growth of unwanted mold in your home. 

Before the professional arrives, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Turn off the entire system. Use the switch adjacent to the furnace and power it down. If this switch is not present, use the circuit breaker to disconnect it.
  2. Tend to any accumulated water around the base and clean it up.
  3. Examine the air filter. If it is dirty or obstructed, buy and install a new one. 
  4. Wait for the HVAC technician to arrive.
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Having a furnace leak is not catastrophic. It can be fixed. Getting the assistance of a professional to assess the problem is the best way to resolve the issue. Choose a reputable HVAC company that specializes in units like yours and holds a strong local standing. Once you find the best company to help you, step aside and let them take care of the issue –  the problem will be resolved in no time!

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