Is Your Heat Pump Leaking Water?

image of a heat pump that is leaking water

Heat pumps are a reliable and efficient way to maintain the comfort of your home. Their popularity has grown in recent years, and with good reason. However, as with any HVAC system facing regular wear and tear, even the best heat pumps can run into occasional problems. For example, a heat pump leaking water is a heat pump that is not working as it should. There could be issues with one of its components, or with the system itself.

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Reasons For Heat Pump Leaks

A heat pump that is leaking water can be attributed to many causes. Some basic understanding of these causes can reduce the risk of a leak, or at least, limit the risk of having one occur.

Dirty Heat Pump Coil

The basic premise of a heat pump lies in the fact that surrounding moisture is continually being pulled from the air. The evaporator coil in a heat pump collects and condenses this humidity. Once droplets have condensed, they drain down the coil and are collected into a pan. This pan, or drain pan, has a connection to a drain that gets rid of the accumulated water.

Unfortunately, the air surrounding the coil also has dirt and dust particles. They are also collected along the coil along with the moisture. When too much dirt has collected on the coil, it cannot correctly direct the water down to the drain pan. It could very well run off of the coil at an unexpected spot and result in a leak.

When you contact a reputable HVAC professional to look into a suspected leak, they will have the knowledge to recognize a dirty coil, the tools to clean it, and the skill to do an efficient and proper job.

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Frozen Heat Pump Coil

frozen evaporator coil of heat pump

The refrigerant runs through the coils of a heat pump. If that refrigerant is low, the coils become over-chilled to the point of freezing. The water that has collected on the coil freezes into ice. When it melts, the water leaks where it should not go.

What’s more, coils that are frozen keep the heat pump from working properly. The heat pump will struggle to keep maintain the prescribed temperature. A heat pump that works harder costs more to run.

A skilled HVAC technician will be able to safely remove the ice from the coils, and then add refrigerant until it is at the level that will allow the system to work efficiently without freezing.

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Clogged Drain

The drain system that is built into a heat pump allows the collected condensation to drain from the pan. Unfortunately, dirt can accumulate in the pan. It could be dirt that has gathered on the coils and traveled down to the drain pan, dust from the surrounding air or simply unidentified debris.

A clog keeps the water from draining as it should. Eventually, water will back up into the pan. Although the pan is a gathering location for the water, its purpose is not to hold excess water. Consequently, water will leak from the pump.

Regular checks from a local professional can help you avoid this situation. If a leak does occur, they can address and fix the problem.

A Crack In The Overflow Pan

A functioning heat pump’s constantly pulling moisture from the air around it is an essential step of the process of cooling. As mentioned, this collected moisture travels into the drain pan. This ongoing collection and moving of water into and through the drain pan can cause regular wear. Over time, the pan can become corroded and small holes and cracks can result. The result? Unwanted heat pump leaks.

It is always a good idea to occasionally examine the drain pan for defects. Contact a local professional if there is a questionable area or if the heat pump seems to be producing an excessive amount of water.

Inconsistent Heat Pump Maintenance

image of heat pump repair

It is easy to take an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to your heat pump maintenance. However, it is only with regular maintenance that a heat pump will perform efficiently. Proper heat pump maintenance includes routinely having your heat pump examined by a professional. A trained professional will be able to spot problems that may be in their early stages and remedy them, saving you HVAC repair costs down the road. A professional will be able to spot problems before the average homeowner.

If your heat pump is your main source of comfort year-round, it is wise to have a trusted professional check and maintain it two times a year. If it supplements your main heating and cooling system, having it tended to once a year should be enough. Regardless of the frequency of the maintenance, always rely on an experienced professional.

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How To Keep Your Heat Pump From Leaking

image of heat pump maintenance

A quality and properly installed heat pump should provide you with comfort for a long time. Never lose sight of the fact that proper and ongoing maintenance is the best route to prevent future problems. Abide by the guidelines that come with your system, caring for and using it as directed. In addition, watch for the beginnings of problems. Early detection of possible troubles will save you money and stress. Furthermore, a well-cared-for heat pump will provide you with a comfortable environment for a longer time than one that is cared for negligently. Of course, use common sense, and call a professional for checkups and repairs. A licensed professional has training and skills that go well beyond that of an average homeowner.

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