When To Repair Vs. Replace Your Heating System

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During the winter season, your heating system keeps your family warm, even if the temperature is freezing outside. However, like other equipment or appliances at home, future problems will likely develop, sometimes leaving you with no choice but to repair or replace your unit.

Unfortunately, it’s always been hard for most homeowners to tell whether they should just opt for a heating system repair vs replace. Most people would prefer to just get their system repaired over and over as it’s less expensive.

Although there’s nothing wrong with trying to lower costs by getting repairs, some problems may be worse than you think, making a heating system replacement a better choice.

In this article, we’ll talk about the obvious signs that indicate your heating system needs a replacement.

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When To Opt For A Heating System Repair Vs. Replacement

Signs that your heating system needs replacement:

  • Age of your heating system
  • Decrease in system’s energy efficiency
  • Increase in home heating costs
  • Frequent heating repairs
  • Discomfort and heat imbalance throughout your home
  • Dusty home and poor indoor air quality

Let’s discuss each of these below…

Age Of Your Heating System

Heating systems usually last between 15-30 years, making them very reliable when you need them most. However, whether or not your system lasts for three decades depends on its design, HVAC maintenance, usage frequency, manufacturer, and more.

In most cases, heating systems experience problems in the 12th-15th year. Around this time, you may have already serviced your equipment many times, which should be a sign to just replace the whole system overall.

Replacing the heating system prevents dealing with the hassle of future repair costs. At the same time, if your system is 15 years old, then there are technological advancements that your old system does not have.

A Decrease Of Energy Efficiency

high home heating costs

Any kind of equipment at home will experience a decrease in efficiency as the years pass. And though you can slow this down by ensuring that your unit is properly maintained, you really can’t eliminate this problem overall.

When a heating system’s efficiency decreases, it will consume more fuel, even if it just produces the same amount of heat. And though the change is gradual, there will come a time where fuel consumption is just unreasonable.

When you start experiencing this, it’s best to replace your heater rather than just do the maintenance repairs.

Remember, when a machine consumes more energy, it releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. At the same time, you’ll start stressing over the higher heating costs.

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Increased Home Heating Costs

As mentioned above, the decrease in the efficiency of your furnace will spike up your heating bills or energy costs. And this is mainly because of the rise in fuel consumption.

Fuel prices vary from time to time, spiking up when there is high demand for it. So, aside from your energy bill, you’ll also have to spend more to purchase fuel than what you’d normally need.

Although a few repairs can improve your system’s efficiency, it wouldn’t make a massive difference. So, the next best thing you can do is find a new one that is guaranteed to lower your heating costs.

Frequent Heating System Repairs

Theoretically, there’s nothing wrong with just getting your heating system repaired over and over. This is, of course, as long as skilled technicians do it, and there are available parts. However, doing so can cost a great amount of time and money.

Annual visits and repairs might be okay. However, if it comes to the point that you need around three, five, or more professional visits a year, then you need to start thinking about your spending.

Maybe it’s better to spend your money on a whole new and reliable heating system than spending all your money on getting your old one repaired.

Discomfort and Heat Imbalance Throughout The Home

broken heating system

The older your system gets, the less effective it becomes in supporting your heating needs.

You will observe that in the first few years, the heating system can still keep every room in your house warm to keep the whole family comfortable. But as time goes by, some rooms may feel warmer or colder than others.

When your whole family starts feeling this, it’s already a sure sign that you need to get your heating system replaced as it can no longer give your family the best comfort. Installing a new one would help ensure that the heating job is done right.

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Dusty Home & Poor Indoor Air Quality

Outdoor air quality is always something we worry about because of the factories, cars, and other pollutants.

However, most of us tend to forget about indoor air quality brought by dust, debris, dirt, bacteria, and other particles trapped inside our homes. These particles can circulate inside your home and cause discomfort to your family members.

Fortunately, this is something that’s easily controlled by regularly replacing your air filters, cleaning your unit’s ducts, and installing UV lights. Some even buy an air purifier to maintain air quality.

But if you’ve already checked off all the above, but the indoor air quality hasn’t improved, then it’s probably time to consider getting your whole unit replaced.



There’s an endless debate whether it’s best to get your heating system repaired or replaced. What we all can agree on is that at some point, you’ll need to have your old system replaced for your family’s health and your long-term financial stability.

As much as possible, we recommend that you try the low-cost options first to see if it works. You might be able to fix some problems quickly without having to spend a lot, especially if you act fast.

Of course, you also need to be open about the possibility that you need to get your heating system replaced soon. It’s not something you can stay away from for so long. When your heating system reaches a certain age or displays the signs mentioned above, then you’d have to go for a replacement right away.

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