The Considerable Consequences Of Failing To Change Out Your HVAC Air Filter

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By taking good care of your HVAC system, you can make sure that it will continue to take good care of you. It is an even trade. Diligent HVAC maintenance doesn’t require a lot of time, effort, or cash. You simply need to adhere to the recommendations for maintenance that your HVAC equipment manufacturer has supplied. This way, you’ll get more than a decade of reliable service from your system. For instance, it is always important to stay on top of your home air filter replacement.

The HVAC air filter captures and collects airborne particulates before they have the opportunity to enter the system. Air filters have a significant impact on both the lifespan and overall performance of your home heating and cooling system. They can additionally impact your comfort and your health. Stay up to date on air filter replacement to effectively sidestep some of the most common HVAC issues.

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Consequences of Neglecting Your HVAC Air Filter Replacements

This article will talk about why switching out your HVAC air filter on a regular basis is so important.

What Your HVAC Air Filter Does

At the very heart of air filters are a number of fibrous materials. Among these are washable fabric, spun fiberglass, and pleated paper. Filters have a rigid structure due to the addition of a cardboard frame. HVAC air filters can collect a number of airborne particulates while allowing for good airflow. Some of the things that your air filter collects are animal fur, hair, pollen, dust, bacteria, lint and mold spores. Filters promote optimum airflow by limiting the amount of harmful debris that’s allowed to enter your heating and cooling system. This is a tough job and an ongoing balancing act. Filters are only effective for a limited period of time, and then they need to be immediately replaced.

There are many different factors that determine how frequently HVAC air filter replacement should occur. Thus, one simple rule of thumb and the general recommendation is to perform monthly filter inspections so that this component can be replaced as needed.

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Factors That Determine the Ideal Frequency of Air Filter Changes

Filter replacement rates are different for each filter type in different environmental conditions, various levels of resident sensitivity, number pets presence, and the frequency of HVAC system use. Most households are able to perform this basic maintenance according to the recommendations of their HVAC equipment manufacturers without issue. This often means installing a new filter about once every one to two months. This is a good schedule for the typical household with one pet.

If you have no pets in your home, you may be able to extend this to three months. Households with multiple pets should probably replace their HVAC air filters about once every 20 days. Vacation homes and pet-free, single-occupant households can often change their filters just once every six to 12 months. When in doubt, perform monthly filter checks to verify whether or not this component is covered in collected debris. As time goes on, this strategy will help you establish the right filter change schedule for your household.

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The Consequences of Failing to A Home Air Filter Replacement

Being consistent about filter changes is key. Debris and contaminants adhere to this filter and will eventually prevent airflow. This can cause system-wide stress and may trigger a host of performance and efficiency-related problems. People who fail to change their filters on a regular basis will find it increasingly harder to deal with the resulting consequences.

1. Increasing Home Energy Costs

homeowner with high heating and cooling costs

HVAC systems naturally use a lot of energy, but most homeowners are able to tolerate the costs of their energy use so long as it remains at reasonable levels. Clogged HVAC air filters cause home heating and cooling equipment to work harder in order to compensate for insufficient airflow. This in turn causes energy consumption to rise to excessive levels, and home energy bills invariably follow suit. Ignoring an increase in your home energy costs will only allow things to get worse. By simply making sure to change your air filter on time, you can limit your overhead costs in this area.

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2. Decreased Temperature Control

Decreased airflow prevents cooled or heated air from getting to the areas in your home that needs it. As a result, you’ll have uneven temperatures throughout the building. Some areas will be too hot and some will be too cold. Some residents won’t get any relief from your HVAC equipment at all which can be especially detrimental during times of extreme temperatures. This can make it harder to get to sleep at night. It will make it all but impossible to focus on work or other essential activities throughout the day. It may be necessary to relocate to where inside conditions are better. This is hardly an ideal situation as some of your rooms will be completely unoccupied and others will be too full.

3. Your Indoor Air Quality Will Decline

man sneezing due to poor indoor air quality and neglecting hvac air filter replacements

Clogged air filters are far less effective than filters that have just been installed. The ability of filters to capture and collect airborne particulates will decline and then fail. This will lead to more harmful particulates circulating throughout your home and being breathed in. People with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions will feel the effects due to their higher levels of sensitivity. Everyone else can suffer too with bouts of sneezing and dizziness, itchy throats, irritated noses, headaches, and breathing problems. Symptoms like these can be very disruptive. If they persist, ongoing exposure to airborne contaminants can actually create respiratory issues where none existed before.

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4. Your HVAC System May Fail Prematurely

HVAC equipment should last over a decade so long as it’s being properly maintained. Regularly changing air filters is a critical maintenance task. Unless someone is taking care of this, your equipment will have to work harder than it’s built for. Just as people are prone to burning out when they get overworked, HVAC systems can burn out too. They may break down to excessive wear on critical components. This could happen long before the end of their expected lifespans have been reached. You’ll have to spend thousands of dollars to have your home heating and cooling equipment replaced.

5. The Air Conditioner Coils Can Freeze

frozen air conditioner compressor

The evaporator coils in an air conditioner absorb heat to gradually lower the indoor temperature. Even though they’re cool, proper airflow is essential for keeping them from freezing. Airflow is reduced by clogged filters and this allows evaporator coils to cool to the point of freezing. Once the evaporator coil freezes, your air conditioner won’t run like it should. It may offer erratic performance before eventually failing altogether. It isn’t cheap to fix this problem either. It makes good financial sense to simply swap out your air filter regularly to prevent this from happening ta all.



Think back to the last time that you changed out your HVAC air filter. Are you staying on top of a good filter change schedule? Is it well past time to change your air filter? If so, now is the time to act. Check the filters in your HVAC system to see if they’re ready to be changed. You can also have an HVAC technician thoroughly inspect your system by scheduling a maintenance appointment. Regular inspection and maintenance services will keep your equipment from failing prematurely and could save you thousands of dollars.

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